Immune Boost Collection


      Immunity is the key to health & well-being, which is why we created our Immune Boost Collection. 

      Silver is a known antimicrobial and has been used for centuries to inhibit the growth of bacteria and help prevent the spread of infection. It's amazing benefits are embedded in all TRU47 products.

      Check out our collection to protect yourself  and others on the go, every day and during the cold and flu season.

      • Immune Boost & Fortify + Nasal Inhalers – Formulated with pure essential oils and colloidal silver, receive the therapeutic benefits with every inhalation.
      • Immune Boost Silver Mist – Protect against germs with every mist. Our Immune Boost silver spray is an all-natural alternative to hand sanitizers containing alcohol and harsh chemicals.
      • Immune Boost Silver Infused Organic Essential Oil – Use as a part of your immunity “air-care” routine by diffusing to purify your surroundings.
      • Silver Masks – Masks are still recommended to mitigate/shield against the latest variants and air-born illnesses. Made with 99.99% pure silver fabrics and thread, our masks are self-sanitizing, comfortable and long-lasting.