2023 Sale Collection


      Exclusive Sale with Code for VIP Customers!

      Enjoy amazing savings on our best-selling, exclusive silver-infused collections, including Masks and Face Shields made with 99% pure silver, our clean, organic silver Skincare Line, all-natural Nasal Inhaler therapies, and our custom TRU47 Silver Sprays and Mist collections made with colloidal silver. 

      Our Sale Includes:

      Silver-Imbued Mask Collection: Our Entire Silver-Imbued Mask Collection: Breathe easier and stay protected with our long-lasting, self-sanitizing, antimicrobial, and reusable mask and face covering collection. Designed to last, eco-friendly, and also EMF shielding to help keep you safe for the duration. 

      Assorted Colloidal Silver Sprays and Mists: Spritz, Mist, Refresh, and Repeat with our custom-crafted and organically scented Silver Sprays and Mists for the home, body, linens, masks, and hands. Great to use as an alternative sanitizer and air freshener. Made with 100% pure organic essential oils, Himalayan Sea Salts, and the highest quality colloidal silver.

      Nasal Inhaler Sticks: Save on pocket-sized therapies and custom formulations for immunity, energy, mood, focus, concentration, stress relief, and sleep. Crafted with 100% pure organic essential oils & botanicals, and the highest quality colloidal silver, and available in singles and doubles, and in assorted six-packs. 

      TRU47 Exclusive Silver Skincare Line: Try our toners: HYDRATE with hyaluronic acid, GLOW with glycolic acid to exfoliate, and CALM with soothing aloe vera, and top off with our lightweight Silver SHIMMER Hydrating Crème to quench your skin and illuminate. Silver has been used for centuries as a protectant and is also known to help with skin clarity, overall complexion, conditions, and irritations.