Scarves & Scrunchies


      Silver Scarves Collection

      Adorn any outfit by wearing our elegant, stylish and versatile scarves made from 99% pure ionically plated silver fabrics, or our super soft natural silver jersey modal wrap, woven with 99% silver thread. All are light enough to wear year-round with the added benefit of silver.
      Pure Silver Scarf: Pretty, Chic & Timeless Scarf and Head Wrap
      Silver Mesh Infinity Scarf: Beautiful, Elegant & Versatile Fashion Accessory
      Silver Mesh Neck and Long Scarf: Two Sizes. Add Silver Flair to Accessorize Basics
      Long Silver Jersey Scarf: Lightweight, Soft & Perfect for Everyday Wear

      Silver Scrunchie Collection

      Introducing TRU47 Scrunchies made from 99% Pure Silver fabric and woven with 99% Pure Silver thread. Silver helps promote healthier scalp and hair. Keep your tresses frizz-free and locks in place with our TRU47 silky smooth silver scrunchie collection. 
      Set of Four Includes:
      Black Jersey Silver Scrunchie: Your daily go-to
      Natural Jersey Silver Scrunchie: Soft and versatile
      Pure Silver Woven Scrunchie: Glam up your up-do
      Pure Silver Mesh Scrunchie: Add shimmer to your hair accessory game