Silver Apparel


Silver Scarves Collection

Adorn any outfit by wearing our elegant, stylish and versatile scarves made from 99% pure ionically plated silver fabrics, or our super soft natural silver jersey modal wrap, woven with 99% silver thread. All are light enough to wear year-round with the added benefits of silver.

Pure Silver & Jersey Scarf: Stunning & Reversible, Our Most Popular Scarf
Pure Silver Scarf: Pretty, Chic & Timeless Scarf and Head Wrap
Silver Mesh Infinity Scarf: Beautiful, Elegant & Versatile Fashion Accessory
Silver Mesh Neck and Long Scarf: Two Sizes - Add Silver Flair to Accessorize Basics
Long Silver Jersey Scarf: Lightweight, Neutral, Soft & Perfect for Everyday Wear

Silver Socks Collection

Introducing our Sanitized Silver Socks, available in three unisex styles and four sizes, all made with 99.99% pure silver thread woven into a soft and stretchy merino wool blend. Pure silver is known to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, great for foot health! It also has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals, helping regulate temperature and keeping feet comfortable in cooler and warmer weather. An added benefit, pure silver also enhances grounding and promotes healthier, odor-free feet. 

Three Styles: No Show, Ankle and Crew; Four Unisex Sizes: S, M, L, XL. 

Silver Gloves

So many practical and public uses, such as gas pumps, grocery stores, at the cashier – wherever, whenever. Keep hands protected and warm in the winter, and cooler in summer seasons. Available in Two Styles. Unisex sizing available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes. 

All Made in the USA.