Silver Apparel


About TRU47 Smart Fabrics & Textiles

Proven EMF/RF protective shielding against Increasing Environmental Radiation

Silver, a noble element, is one of the most protective metals shielding against the ill-effects of EMF and RFs. Given the proliferation of higher frequency technologies in today’s world, one of silver’s core elements is providing a shield from environmental pollution known as EMFs/RFs, and includes 4,5 and 6G waves. The protective benefits of silver are now being discovered by mainstream populations. TRU47 is a leader in creating protective wearables that are also classically deigned and stunning. All fabrics are technically tested to ensure the utmost efficacy.

More about Silver

Known on the scientific periodic table as Ag47, silver is widely known to also inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. TRU47's silver threads and wovens used In fabrication of textiles are made through a proprietary, electroluss process whereby fine, ripstop nylon fibers are literally bathed in silver in an aqueous process. This results in “plating” silver into fibers, which ensures efficacy. This is also referenced as an ionic technology. In addition, pure silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals, and the lowest contact resistance, making it naturally antibacterial and temperature regulating. For decades, silver has been used in materials and apparel to also mitigate bacterial contamination and minimize microbial cross-contamination. It annihilates bacteria causing odors as well.

NOT Nanotechnology

TRU47 never uses nano “coating” technology. The word NANO in some realms is regarded as definitional (tiny particles) and in other realms, thought of as the latest high-tech. Not so with textiles. A “coated” nano technology method is applied onto synthetic fibers; sometimes even sprayed on. This process can cause the coating to flake-off and get into people’s internal systems and pollute the environment.

The Benefits of Silver

• Contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties reported to eliminate germs on contact
• Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, dramatically reducing unpleasant smells and irritants
• Helps increase blood circulation due to it being electrically conductive
• Soothes and heals skin irritations, and what became known as maskne (acne caused from wearing face coverings)
• Helps reduce swelling and itching, and aids in healing minor scrapes, cuts, and burns
• Is thermal conductive, making it a comforting fabric with regulating benefits in both cooler and warmer temperatures
• Silver is self-sanitizing, meaning your garments do not need to be washed every day, and eco-friendly for the environment
• Silver is one of the most protective metals, shielding against the ill-effects of EMF and RFs

Silver Poncho & Cape Collection

Go casual or dress up any outfit with our fashionable and functional Black poncho and cape collection, made with 99% silver fabrics and threads. Our exclusive Pure Silver Wellness Wear Collections incorporate innovative textile technologies to support immunity, health & well-being with multiple styles and lengths to choose from. 

Silver Scarves Collection

Adorn any outfit by wearing our elegant, stylish, and versatile scarves made from 99% pure ionically plated silver fabrics in a variety of styles, all woven with 99% silver thread. All are light enough to wear year-round with the added benefits of silver. Also EMF and RF shielding. Available in 8 versatile styles, fabrics and colors. 

Silver Socks Collection

Introducing our Sanitized Silver Socks, available in three unisex styles and four sizes, all made with 99.99% pure silver thread woven into a soft and stretchy merino wool blend. Pure silver is known to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, great for foot health! It also has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals, helping regulate temperature and keeping feet comfortable in cooler and warmer weather. An added benefit, pure silver also enhances grounding and promotes healthier, odor-free feet. 

Three Styles: No Show, Ankle and Crew; Four Unisex Sizes: S, M, L, XL. 

Silver Gloves

So many practical and public uses, such as gas pumps, grocery stores, at the cashier – wherever, whenever. Keep hands protected and warm in the winter, and cooler in summer seasons. Available in Two Styles. Unisex sizing available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large sizes. 

All Made in the USA.