Sleep Collection


Sleep is essential to our well-being, which is why TRU47 created an entire Sleep Collection. Many experts agree we should get ample hours of restful sleep each night to improve immunity, increase energy levels, enhance mood, and support healthy metabolisms. 

Man and Woman Wearing Sleep Masks

Our products and custom formulations are made to invite tranquility and induce sound sleep. And Silver -- our exclusive ingredient -- is reported to inhibit the growth germs and environmental irritants which often nest near our eyes. And, it is very skin-friendly.

Our Sleep Collection Includes:

Pure Silver & Silver Jersey Sleep Masks: Shield out light and EMFs with 6-layers of amazingly comfortable protection.
Sleep Tight Silver Spray: Relaxing custom blend to mist on your face, on pillows and all bedding.
Sleep Tight Silver-Infused Organic Essential Oil: Diffuse into your surroundings to ease, soothe and calm senses - and smell wonderful, too.
Sleep Tight Nasal Inhaler: Therapy to go. Relax and keep circadian rhythms in check upon inhalation.
Portable & Nebulizing Diffusers: Add Sleep Tight Essential Oil for naps and at night-time for genuine Aroma therapy.