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Our Story

The saying “great ideas and products are born out of need or challenges” rings true for Stellarcleenz and Silver Spritz. Our AHA moment came about in just this way. About a year ago our founder got very ill from a bacterial infection that was traced back to an evening at a popular restaurant. Although not conclusive, the findings indicated germs were picked up from the table, the plate rim, or condiment bottles, not food poisoning. Post recovering, she shortly thereafter was checking out at a chain drugstore in town where she encountered another concerning event. The cashier – who was at least thoughtful enough to turn away when he sneezed – returned and said, “I can’t believe I’m getting the flu so early”. He then proceeded to grab the neck of her water bottle and put it in her bag. Being a believer in natural and safe wellness innovations, she was somewhat familiar with the anti-microbial benefits of silver. As someone fortunate to be very healthy, her restaurant ailment and the drug store episode heightened and prioritized her further investigation into silver’s anti-bacterial attributes. It was out of this pursuit and close to a year of scientific study and development, that Stellarcleenz  was born.