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How to Sanitize Your Space While Flying

Even when there’s not a Coronavirus lurking around, airplanes and airports can be like Petri dishes with some gnarly germs and grime. Only traveling while you’re healthy is the best way to help keep travel safe for everyone (c’mon people, stay home if you’re sick!), but sleepless nights and stress from travel can actually reduce the body’s ability to fight off antigens and leave you vulnerable. The CDC recommends being an alert traveler by avoiding contact with the sick, keeping your hands off your face, covering your coughs and sneezes, staying home when you’re sick (ahem, again we say, “c’mon people!”), disinfecting personal spaces, and washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Although the following items won’t guarantee you won’t come into contact with germs on your next flight, they can definitely help sanitize your space and reduce your risk of catching anything midair.


This line of facemasks, scarves, and cleaning products are all made with 99.9% silver. Silver contains natural anti-microbial properties, which is great for fighting germs and bacteria. Use the scarf as a face shield or head wrap while on the plane or use it to wipe down screens before you swipe, click, or press any buttons.

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