What is Grounding?

Grounding Benefits


Silver is a known conductive metal, which allows the transfer of energy from the Earth's surface into our bodies when your skin has direct contact with the silver material - directly placed on the ground's surface.

TRU47 is excited to introduce our New Silver Grounding Socks! The 99% Pure Silver Thread woven into TRU47 Silver Socks enables people to get grounded when wearing directly on grounding surfaces, such as: grass, sand, soil, unsealed brick, tile and concrete.

Although our latest product is new to TRU47, Sharon Whiteley, our founder is definitely not new to grounding. Sharon co-authored Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health through Grounding, and has co-authored a second book, which is on its way to the publisher. She is considered an expert on the topic of grounding, in addition to the many healthful benefits of Silver. 


Until the end of the 19th century, grounding was a seamless part of everyday life. People walked everywhere either barefoot or again, in pure leather footwear along dirt and stone surfaces, each of which is naturally conductive to earth’s energy flow, naturally grounding as they went and keeping a host of opportunistic illnesses at bay because of enhancing their immune systems. Interestingly, inflammation, the bane of modern-day health, was unheard of back then. Diabetes was unknown. People didn’t typically die from heart disease, hypertension and an array of debilitating chronic conditions that confound doctors, wellness, and medical practitioners, today. They didn’t rampantly exist when grounding was in the mix, and when they did occur, they were somewhat infrequent events.

Scientists and researchers have studied the many benefits of grounding over the last two and a half decades. There are currently more than 25 studies revealing, peer reviewed and published scientific evidence of how grounding can help reduce stress, inflammation and pain, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and increase blood viscosity. Grounding is Mother Nature’s most effective, natural prescription for your health and well-being.

What is Grounding and How Can it Benefit Me?

As awareness and interest in grounding increases, more people are curious about grounding. Also known as “earthing”, grounding is as simple as connecting with the earth’s surface.

The concept may be new to new fans; however, it is not new to TRU47. Grounding is an ancient practice, which has been highly researched and scientifically studied. It is known to have many immediate and lasting health benefits supporting people’s overall wellbeing. The biggest amongst them are reduction of inflammation, improved circulation, normalization of blood pressure, and a return to a more normal state of homeostasis.  

Grounding/Earthing 101

In the simplest terms, you get grounded by connecting your body to the earth’s surface and by making direct contact with its electromagnetic field. The earth has a vibration, which in its natural energy field is known as the Schumann Resonance. This frequency is invisible, comprised of electrons, which our bodies need for improved functional health.

Grounding can be easily achieved by making a connection to the earth or a grounded surface through your skin, such as your feet when walking barefoot in the grass, your hands touching a rock, a leaf on a plant or yes, hugging a tree trunk.  Also, you can get grounded by laying or walking on a beach with your bare skin touching the sand, being knee deep in your garden, and wading in a lake, stream, or ocean. All these connections help return your body to a more natural state of equilibrium between interdependent physiological systems, physical, internal, and chemical. This supports optimal functioning within human beings and organisms.

The Earth’s surface is naturally magical, as it keeps our bodies in balance through this constant exchange of electrons and electric vibrations that literally recharge us with positive, healing energy.

This is the essence of grounding, and you can do it while you are out walking, swimming, gardening, or doing anything that puts you in direct contact with the earth. And most of all, it is 100% free.

Safe, Natural Electric Nutrition

Sometimes when people hear of being grounded, they think of their kids being sidelined for blowing curfew, chilling out if overly taxed or in technical arenas - some imagine electricians wearing special footwear to protect them on the job from electrical discharges. Electrical grounding is the process of removing the excess charge.

The grounding we are talking about is different.

Here is how it works. Imagine the earth’s electromagnetic energy field as a large battery. Human beings are electrically charged, and by tapping into the energy stored in its surface in the form of electrons, they can re-charge. We call this electric nutrition.

We have all heard of and understand vitamin D deficiency, which is why many of us take supplements. Most people are also electron deficient due to not making enough contact with the ground and the earth, unlike our ancestors, many who slept on the ground, wore conductive leather soled shoes, and worked in the agricultural fields as a part of their daily lives. As modern civilization has evolved, we have become more separated from the earth and from nature, which is why grounding is more important and necessary than ever to offset the buildup of free radicals abounding in our daily lives which help to stabilize our systems.

Grounding is safe, the way nature intended -- and you cannot overdo it.

What Does Grounding Feel Like?

Very possibly, you won’t feel any sensation. Grounding is a very subtle energy. Many people do not feel a thing when they are getting grounded, while others may feel a slight tingle. Some people feel more energized while grounding and immediately after, while others feel relaxed and at peace. Other grounding enthusiasts became such because they experienced better sleep, and many other healthful benefits.

In his blog, Dave Asprey, one of the most well-known biohackers reported how earthing, also known as grounding, improved his REM sleep and helped his jet-lag while traveling. 

In Season 1, Episode 2 of the Netflix series Down to Earth, Co-Star Darin Olien teaches Zac Ephron how to get grounded after their long flight to Paris by running barefoot across the grass in a park.

Many other celebrities, such as Katy Perry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Deepak Chopra have also shared their stories and how grounding makes them feel.

By grounding, you are receiving good vibes, which your body will recognize, even if it is not as noticeable to you immediately.

How Long Does It Take to Get Grounded?

We are all conductive beings. By touching the earth, we receive the immediate benefits - and support the conductivity of the entire body from head-to-toe — healthy heart, circulatory, thyroid, and adrenal and brain function, in addition to supporting bone metabolism.

Therefore, we encourage grounding to become one of your essential daily practices. Again, you cannot overdo it, and the longer the better. Most of us live busy lives, so making the time may be the first challenge. However, knowing the holistic benefits to your well-being, we recommend you designate time and a place to do your grounding. Many of us also live in cities, which may also be a deterrent. Find a patch of grass in the park, an unsealed brick or concrete area outdoors where you can comfortably stand barefoot. You can also simply touch plants and trees in casual walks.

In addition, you can get grounded indoors by taking a a shower, or a bath while allowing the water to drip lightly through the faucet, or enjoying a pedicure with your feet in an electric tub.

Best practice is to get grounded for even 20-30 minutes a day to feel the benefits and stabilize your internal systems.  Your body will thank you.

How to Get Grounded, Let Us Count Thy Ways:

Go Barefoot When Possible

The best grounding surfaces include: grass, sand, soil, rocks, unsealed tiles/brick, and concrete. A great book on the topic of grounding is Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health through Grounding, co-authored by TRU47 Founder Sharon Whiteley, an authority on grounding.

Lay On the Ground or on a Sandy Beach, Lakeside, Riverbend

The more you contact the ground, the better. Laying down in the grass or sand is a great way to increase the surface area for your body to make contact. Laying on a beach or on the grass in a bathing suit allows for your bare skin to have direct contact with the surface.

Go for a Swim, or Put Your Feet in the Ocean, Pond, Stream or River

Going for a swim or emerging your feet in a natural body of water is another enjoyable form of grounding. Get to your favorite beach, river, or swimming hole, jump in, and enjoy.

Sleep and Get Grounded Indoors

There are companies that sell grounding mats and sheets, and also make pads to put under your desk. These products require a grounding outlet to plug into electricity receptacles in your home or office. TRU47 will be introducing grounding products soon made with Silver, which is one of the most conductive metals and materials, so you can get grounded without outlets.