Silver Spritz FAQs

Sanitize on the go with our all natural antimicrobial Colloidal Silver Spray Spritz  collection, made with 100% Pure Essential Oil blends. An alternative solution to other disinfectant sprays, they are non-toxic, alcohol & chemical free and available in: Our Original Silver Spritz, Home+, Fresh Feet, Toilette, Doggie Spritz and Spritz for Kids in family and travel sizes. 

Is Silver Spritz safe?

Yes. Silver Spritz contains colloidal silver and silver is a precious metal with a long and well-documented history (over 6 millennia) of safe use as an antimicrobial.

Does Silver Spritz contain any chemicals?

No. The colloidal silver is natural, chemical-free, and does not cause toxic side effects. The only other ingredients are water and pure essential oils.

Is there any alcohol in Silver Spritz?

None whatsoever. Many anti-microbial products on the market contain 62% (or more) alcohol or ethanol which is a man-made chemical and can be harmful if ingested, gets into eyes, and can dry out skin, often leaving it susceptible to cracks in the flesh. Frequent use of alcohol-based products has also been reported to build up resistance to anti-microbial combat.

How is Silver Spritz made?

Silver is a naturally occurring element and there are no added artificial chemicals. Our Silver Spritz is a custom formulated mix of Colloidal silver consisting of microscopic bits of silver floating in water mixed with pure essential oils.

How much usage will I get out of my Silver Spritz Bottles?

There are 1,000 spritzes in our Family size 4.25 oz. bottles, and 650 spritzes in our Personal and Travel Size 2.75 oz. bottle, which is refillable.

I use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Why should I use Silver Spritz instead?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 60- 62% (and higher) alcohol, or ethanol which is a man-made chemical. These products must have this percentage of alcohol or they are not effective. Most have moisturizing filler, but are still drying to the skin and can result in cracked skin. Documented reports have also shown this alcohol can be harmful if ingested and/or gets into eyes. Alcohol-based products do destroy germs, however, they also harm the beneficial “good” bacteria that lie underneath the oily layer of the skin; and as recently reported they build up resistance to germs, which are very smart and able to adapt.

Silver Spritz is a topical spray and will not disrupt the “good bacteria” populations that work in harmony with our bodies. Additionally, alcohol-based hand sanitizers often contain ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, propylene glycol, and some, triclosan – a carcinogen (now being banned in many states). Some of these additives are linked to hormonal disruption as well as other potential side effects and can have environmental impact.

Are products listing “organic” or “natural” alcohol safer?

No. The word organic (as well as natural) can often be misleading language used by marketers. Alcohol is alcohol, and 62% alcohol equals 120 proof drink. Many do not want to introduce alcohol into their bodies.

How does Silver Spritz compare to other products that state they are made of colloidal silver?

Silver Spritz is a unique, custom formulation of the maximum amount of colloidal silver to be safe when used for external purposes (not the ingestible variety) mixed with pure essential oils which are subtly fragrant and also refreshing. Many other products state they are made with colloidal silver but this can be deceiving and they are not similar or efficacious in killing germs, fungi or viruses. Labeling requirements merely call for nominal amounts of silver/silver fiber to be used to justify this statement.

Will Silver Spritz clean dirt off my hands?

Silver Spritz is neither soap nor detergent. It will not eliminate dirt the way soap will do. However, they will rid skin or surfaces of bacteria that may be sitting on soiled surfaces.

How do I know Silver Spritz is effective?

People often associate the scent of alcohol with cleanliness. This is not entirely untrue, however alcohol is not healthy to apply to the skin (as described above). Silver Spritz has no alcohol scent. Silver is a known anti-microbial agent with properties extensively documented in scientific literature. Bacteria is infinitesimal and not visible to the eye. It is a published fact that silver immediately disrupts bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact and causes it to disintegrate. (additional ref. sources available)

Can I swallow Silver Spritz?

While some people like to ingest Colloidal Silver, we recommend NOT ingesting Silver Spritz due to the other ingredients used in its design.  Silver Spritz contains a blend of pure, organic essential oils, Himalayan Sea Salts, trace minerals and 250 PPM Colloidal Silver as is not recommended to be ingested.