VENU Magazine Features
The History of Silver in Health Care
Silver, a noble element known on the periodic table as Ag47, has been used over centuries for immunity, health and sanitization. Learn about the history of silver and its powerful uses as an antibacterial agent.
As Featured on Dave Asprey’s Blog

In his Human Upgrade blog post, Dave Asprey shares how he uses silver as an antimicrobial biohack when traveling. Read how you can upgrade your immune system with Silver.

Authority Magazine: Women In Wellness
TRU47 CEO Sharon Whiteley Talks Silver
Women In Wellness Features Sharon Whiteley, CEO of TRU47: Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Well-Being.
Pet Age Magazine Features TRU47 Doggie Spritz: An All-Natural Spray to Soothe Irritations
TRU47 Doggie Spritz helps soothe irritations and even chase away fleas. It’s all-natural and safe for all pets. No animal testing.
Authority Magazine Covers Women In Wellness
Featuring Sharon Whiteley CEO of TRU47
TRU47 CEO shares insights for success. Believe you can do anything you set out to do! Find a wise peer and make no room for naysayers.
Pet Age Magazine
TRU47 Doggie Spritz in April Issue
Pet Age Magazine features TRU47 Doggie Spritz, an all-natural spray - safe for dogs, cats and all pets. Simply spray on itchy areas to soothe irritations TRU47 Pure Silver Masks
Where Fashion Meets Function
It’s time to get outside! After a year of hunkering down through COVID, and staying home during the winter, it’s time to get back outside and enjoy the sunshine. 
Tucson Lifestyle Magazine Interview
with Sharon Whiteley, TRU47 Founder/CEO
Meet Sharon Whiteley, TRU47 Founder/CEO with an interview from Tucson Lifestyle Magazine. Sharon shares her passion and knowledge about the many uses of Silver.
TRU47 Pure Silver Imbued Face Masks Featured on CBS Austin for Antimicrobial Properties
Americans are slowly getting vaccinated against COVID-19, but face masks and hand sanitizers are here to stay for at least the rest of this year. 
Yahoo! News: Can Antibacterial Clothing
Protect Against COVID?
 Yahoo! News features TRU47 Silver Mesh Scarf. See why antibacterial clothing is the newest category that retailers are implementing to appeal to anxious shoppers.
MSN | Lifestyle Features TRU47
Can Antibacterial Clothing Protect You?
The fashion industry and new trends have been dictated by cultural events, like a pandemic - leading to stylish, germ-fighting clothes, like TRU47 antimicrobial scarves. 
CBS Las Vegas Interviews TRU47 CEO
Why You Should Consider Using Silver Masks
There are so many masks to choose from, and chances are you’ve found the ones you love over the past nine months.
Victoria’s Diary Features TRU47 Silver Masks
The Value of Wearing Masks
To wear or not to wear? That is the question some people have about wearing masks. There is a value to wearing masks, which may be why they are here to stay. 
Conde Naste Traveler Features TRU47: The Best Face Masks for Kids, According to Opinionated Kids
The greatest quest of 2020 has been the search for the perfect face mask. The antimicrobial properties of the TRU47 Kids Silver Mesh Mask made it a top pick
Medium Features TRU47 in Holiday Gift Guide
Gifts Every Woman will Love!
The Gift-giving season has officially begun! This year you can cross holiday shopping off your list because we have tested, tasted, and hand-picked.
TRU47 Featured in Daily Mom
Self Care Gifts for Christmas: Treat Yourself!
Shopping for the holidays can be rough. Especially on the moms wearing more than one hat. This year, purchase a self care gift for yourself or someone else.
Beauty News NYC Silver Linings
Antimicrobial Silver Masks for Natural Protection
Tru47 Masks literally provide a silver lining in this new era of pandemic mask-wearing. Their chemical-free, silver imbued products include mask.
Mizz Fit Influencer Picks TRU47
Stylish and Comfortable Masks
Full disclosure: I don't love wearing a face mask but I do it for your safety and for mine during the world's COVID-19 crisis.
Fox 35 in Orlando Features TRU47
See Reviews of Silver and Copper Face Masks
See TRU47 masks featured on Fox news Orlando, Florida - FOX35 where they discuss the benefits of our Silver masks and face shields.
Fox Orlando Facebook Live Interviews TRU47
Featuring Back to School Face Masks
Fox 35 Andrea Jackson interviews TRU47 CEO. Back to School...  getting kids to wear face coverings all day is one things - finding the right fit is another!
Daily Mom: Practical Back to School Gifts
Show Teachers You Care
Teachers have a challenge to face this coming school year. If you are looking for some thoughtful back to school gifts for teachers, TRU47 has a silver lining.