Masks FAQs & MORE!

The Silver Lining in Going Social

Our most recent addition, a collection of Social Distancing masks, face shields and scarves were created to meet all lifestyles and to also suit diverse personal preferences. It is important to note that TRU47 masks are not N95, medical or surgical coverings. In addition, they are not CDC approved to protect against COVID-19 virus. Rather, they are designed with care and style to provide face coverage while inside or outdoors when social distancing. All are detailed for comfortable wear and are breathable making them useable for longer wear. A core benefit is that every style is re-useable without washing repeatedly, making them very cost-effective and environmentally thoughtful.

Why We LOVE Silver & Copper, too

All TRU47 offerings are made of the highest quality 99.99% pure ionically bathed silver, plated on to a superior ripstop nylon and mesh. We do not use the inferior coated particle process known as nano-technology.

Innovative new TRU47 styles additionally feature 99.99% pure Copper outer layers. Copper is a known and documented antiviral deterrent, providing an extra outer layer preferable by some in highly populated environments.

Pure Silver Woven and Silver Mesh Face Masks Explained

Many people ask just how our masks can be effective, using pure silver especially if made of silver “mesh” material. To put it simply, silver helps create a barrier to stifle and defeat the activity of viruses, bacteria and fungi, preventing them from getting the oxygen necessary to survive.

Mask FAQs & Customer Inquiries 

TRU47 masks are different from any others on the market. There is also an array of choices and differences between our own mask collection, relayed below.

Please also know we do not comment on other manufacturer's products and know there are many different masks available for different purposes.  AND, many have their favorites for sure. What we will say about our masks, however, is they are distinct, unique and very different from any we know of on the market.  

All TRU47 silver masks, scarves, face shields and other accessory products too, are made of pure 99.99% ionically PLATED silver. Silver is a proven anti-microbial and they do not need to be washed, unless that is your personal preference. Bacteria simply cannot grow on silver.

In addition, some masks have copper on the outer layer. These styles, however, have two layers of pure silver mesh which lines the inside. Copper is known to be a proven antiviral and can seemingly offer an extra layer of protection. Both pure silver styles and those combined with copper, are efficacious to wear as protective masks when social distancing.

Below are popular FAQs to help you understand the differences between our masks and to help you decide which one(s) are best for your lifestyle and social distancing needs. We TRUly hope all helps. We’d love to hear from you if you have other questions, feedback or comments.

Q: How many layers do your silver masks have?

A: Our Silver Mesh Masks have two layers, made with a double layer of 99% Pure Ionically Plated Silver mesh material. Our Pure Silver Masks Woven masks are made from a single layer 99.99% Pure Ionically Bathed Silver (on Ripstop Nylon). The woven fabric is denser than the mesh and therefore, may feel a little warmer when wearing.

Q. Of all your masks, which offers the most protection?

A: All TRU47 masks are made for social distancing. They are not N95s, surgical or medical grade. All, whether our silver mesh, pure woven or those with Copper outer layers offer the same benefit  and efficacy when social distances per recommended standards.

Q: For exercise and recreation, which mask is the most highly breathable?

A: Our Silver Mesh masks are the most highly breathable.

Q: What is the difference between the Pure Silver, non-mesh version and Silver Mesh version?

A: All Silver Mesh and Pure Silver masks are excellent social distancing masks. The difference is the materials and how each mask is made using proprietary technologies. The Pure Silver masks are made from a very tightly woven fabric, and bathed in silver, which makes them a bit denser to breathe through. We do NOT use NANO technology in any of our silver products where upon silver particles are COATED, versus plated. These can result in particles breaking away and getting into the skin (which is not a good thing), and are not bio-friendly or good for the environment either. It is a less expensive and an inferior process than our ionically bathed "plated" silver.

Q. How are your Copper and Silver masks made differently?

A: Our Copper and Silver Cup mask has two interior layers of silver mesh beneath an outer layer of non-woven pure copper; it is not mixed with an alloy. The Copper and Silver Pleated mask is made with two interior layers of silver mesh, and a copper exterior layer.

Q. What is the benefit of the extra layer of copper if I am considering the Copper and Silver masks?

A: Copper is reported to have excellent antiviral properties; silver is well-known for its anti-microbial, antibacterial and antifungal properties. We created the copper masks to provide a mask for more densely populated, high traffic areas, where and when others may not be wearing masks, for people to feel perhaps a bit safer. The extra layer makes our Copper and Silver masks feel a bit warmer and denser to breathe through.

Q. Which masks are best for indoors and outdoors?

A: All our masks can be worn indoors and outdoors, but the Silver Mesh masks are the most highly breathable, and are best for recreation and exercise, inside or out. The Pure Silver and Copper and Silver masks may be preferred for more populated public places, like stores, the gym, a hospital or doctor's office, when using public transportation, and while traveling by bus, train or airlines.

Q: Since your masks are made of silver, and silver has antimicrobial properties, do they need to be washed?

A: Our masks do not need to be washed before you wear them, and they do not need to be washed at all, which is a great benefit.  If you desire to wash, just use mild soap and air dry. Our desire was to be eco-conscious and eco-friendly when creating our masks.

Q: How are your masks a better economic choice than disposable masks?

A: On average, two months of disposable masks cost the same as one TRU47 mask (and think about the cost of disposable masks over months and years). The fact that TRU47 masks are reusable and can also be worn for years and maintain efficacy - is an important benefit for our planet and the environment at large. Most of the disposable masks are ending up in our gutters, garbage cans and in landfills.

Q. Why are some masks different colors, and will the color change with wear?

A. For starters, as counter intuitive as it may seem, silver is actually “colorless”. Since all our masks are made of Pure Silver, a precious metal, and some also with Copper, also a metal, they will not be consistent in color. Over time they may also oxidize, which can change the tint of the mask.  Not to be concerned, however; this has nothing to do with their effectiveness.

To further explain, when pure silver is fabricated into textiles and fabric, and ionically bathed and plated, depending on the environment -- the light, heat, moisture in the atmosphere and humidity, can alter the color of the fabric to a different hue. When we think of how silver should appear, we often think of traditional sterling silver jewelry, coins, our grandmother’s tableware other alloy mixes, our pure silver products – masks, scarves and cloths may have a shimmer, and look very silver-like and other times, a warmer color, even looking a little bronze. All again are 99.99% pure silver and all equally efficacious. In addition, our individual body chemistry may cause an interaction (caused by certain medications and other variables; for instance, it has been reported that sulphate in vitamins can cause silver to take on a darker tint).  Regardless of color variations, all our silver products will still 'do the job" in offering the social distancing protection you need.


Again, we welcome your feedback and if you have additional questions please contact us at or call us Toll Free (800) 915-1647.