Nasal Inhalers


      Our wide variety of Silver Infused Nasal Inhalers include: Immune Boost, Allergy Relief, Stress Less, Just Breathe, Java Jolt, Sleep Tight, Wake Up, Focus In, Think Thin, Fortify + and Restore. All are custom formulations crafted with 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, Trace Minerals, Himalayan Sea Salts and the highest quality Colloidal Silver. Convenient and compact. Carry in your pocket, purse or back-pack to boost immunity, energy, mood, focus, concentration, to relieve stress, and improve sleep.

      Experience an array of gentle blends that will nourish your senses and help support and enhance overall well-being. Subtly engage your olfactory and limbic systems and experience the aromatic health benefits with every inhale of our nasal inhaler blends. Each uses unique plant and botanical properties used for different therapeutic applications.

      Safe to use throughout the day. Deeply inhale in each nostril as desired for benefits and relief. Long lasting: Aromatic vapors are effective and last up to 3 months when used daily.

      100% Naturally Sourced Ingredients. Made in the USA.