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TRU47 Silver & Copper Fabrics

Fabrics have been around for millennia, first created to protect bare bodies, then to adorn them. The first all-natural woven textiles – wool, linen, silk and cotton – made their debut around 500,000 years ago, BC. Synthetics were unveiled in the 1800s, followed by a range of modern-day, manmade fabrics including polyester, rayon, nylon and spandex that provided added enhancements for the wearer, from slimming and shaping to moisture-wicking and wrinkle-free ease.

At TRU47, we’ve taken the next best step with silver-plated, smart fabrics that provide you with proven antimicrobial protection every time you use them.

Silver, the world’s first scientifically recognized antibiotic, is the core element of our TRU47 fabric products, infusing them with natural germ-killing properties that other materials don’t have. Throughout history, silver has proven its worth as a powerful antimicrobial agent, fighting infections and aiding in virus prevention, wound healing, and more. 

Today the power of silver is even more priceless in wearable products designed with your good health in mind.

So that you get the full benefit of silver’s healing properties in the fabrics we use, we literally bathe our thread in pure silver – technically called ionically plating – and weave it into our Sanitized Masks and Face Coverings, Silver Scarves and Gloves, and Stellarcleenz Mitts, Wipes and Handle Wraps to inhibit 99% of the germs, fungi and viruses you may come into contact with every day. By ionically plating them, the silver stays put and won’t flake out on you no matter how many times you wash or wear them. For some fabrics, we add in copper too, known for its anti-viral properties, to give you extra protection in highly populated and polluted environments.

From fabric type to style, TRU47 is the smartest way to keep germs at bay.

Our products require a higher level of performance and technical properties to ensure you reap the benefits of silver’s sanitizing success so we make them from the finest patented fabrics available. Thanks to a specially formulated process that metalizes each thread, viruses and bacteria are verifiably inactivated within minutes of contact with the fabrics we use. Due to the firm binding of the silver, our TRU47 fabric products can be reused, are sustainable and retain their textile structure and self-disinfecting effect even after washing. And because silver is anchored in the textiles, they work without chemicals and are resource-saving alternatives to conventional, liquid disinfectants.


Silver Mesh

Our Silver Mesh fabrics ensure breathability and comfort in our masks and scarves, thanks to their open-weave construction. Mesh fabric is lightweight and loosely knitted, with tiny open spaces in between the strands, to wick away moisture, regulate temperature and in the case of our hygienic Silver Mesh, keep invisible germ-infested invaders away.

TRU47 products made from Silver Mesh:

The Silver Mesh fabric is also used in the Quatro, Trifecta and Heavyweight Masks.


Silver Jersey Modal

Our Silver Jersey Modal is a single-knit, silver threaded fabric imbued with stretch and softness. It is made from a base material used for antibacterial, fungicidal, and EMI/RF shielded clothing and woven with ionically plated silver thread.  

TRU47 products made from Silver Jersey Modal material:

The Silver Jersey is also used in both Heavyweight masks.


Pure Silver

Our Pure Silver fabric is a plated nylon ripstop woven fabric and is reinforced to resist tearing making it excellent as a lightweight, yet solid, protective covering.

TRU47 products made from the Pure Silver material:



Our Copper line of fabrics includes two unique styles: a silver plated copper nylon ripstop woven fabric used as an antibacterial, antiviral, corrosion-proof material and the other, a conductive, non-woven Copper plated fabric used as a protective antiviral material, and has many functional uses. It is also EMI/RF shielding.

TRU47 products containing this fabric: