I just wanted to say that I love my Stellarcleenz and Silver Spritz! Thank you for making these amazing products.

   ~ Emily L, Phoenix, AZ

My friend is a nurse and she told me about the benefits of silver. I admit I was a doubting Thomas. I traveled with friends overseas recently and had your silver cloths with me the whole time. I was the only one who didn’t get sick. I’m now a believer. Going to try your Spritz.

   ~ Tracy S, Kalamazoo, MI

Thank you for making these safe and effective germ-killing products. My kids are told to put that alcohol-based gel on their hands every day when they enter school. I get it about germs in the classroom, but no way do I want to put alcohol in my child every single day. Not happening. Now they have an alternative.

   ~ Elizabeth E, Tampa, FL

Love that old, ancient ways of protecting against germs are now coming back. My mom used to put silver quarters in milk to keep it from spoiling and give pure silver spoons as baby presents. Now I know where the saying, born with a Silver Spoon came from.

   ~ Kevin H, Laguna Beach, CA

I never would have believed a piece of pure silver fabric would keep me germ free. Your research study is compelling – and I did my own, too. Bravo to all of you. Love your goods.

   ~ Karen R, Forest Hills, NY

As a flight attendant I cannot tell you the filth that is on planes. Everyone knows about the drop-down trays and pockets, but I can assure you there are many more places.  I never board a flight now without my Stellarcleenz.  I in fact use the scar as an accessory off my purse.  Always handy. Great job. Thank you.

   ~ Jody K, Chicago

I know your products are for people but must tell you my puppy is much happier now. I thought it would be safe to spray on her infected toenails and voila, in a day her infection was gone.  I’m grateful as is she.

   ~ Carrie K, Tempe, AZ

After reading about some of the benefits of silver, like killing germs that cause odor, I sprayed your Spritz in my smelly sneakers. Pleasantly surprised, the odor was gone.

   ~ Ross C, Townsend, MA

First got you silver cloths in a Biohacked subscriber box last year…have been buying them ever since. Keep the products coming. Can’t stand the chemical-based gels.

   ~ Todd F, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for making such neat products that are good for the environment too. They really do seem work. I was not so sure at first but am now a believer -- and fan!

   ~ Sheila S, Avon, CT