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Inhaler FAQs

What are the ingredients in Immune Boosts?

All are made using organic, pure essential oils carefully selected and crafted to support wellbeing. Immune Boosts include: Colloidal Silver, Himalayan Sea Salts and a proprietary blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Oregano plus Menthol Crystals. NO alcohol. 

Are your inhalers tested on animals?

Absolutely NOT. All are cruelty free and not tested on any animals including lab specimens.
How re these different than synthetic oils, oil diffusers or fresheners?
Synthetic products are just that – synthetic - and not natural. All our ingredients are natural, pure and organic. Synthetic products have been known to over stimulate one’s senses and often have unhealthy ingredients.

How long with Immune Boosts last?

With one or two inhalations in each nostril a day our aromatic vapors last on average a minimum of 3 months when the top is tightly sealed.  You can use them as often as desired, however, and more frequent use may result in a shorter use span. Many use them a few times per day and some even more frequently if they have the sniffles and find relief from inhaling.

What are some of the benefits from your Immune Boosts?

They have been reported to clear sinuses and nasal passages and relieve respiratory and seasonal discomfort including allergy sniffles.