Accessibility Statement

Accessibility – Please Read

TRU47 is committed to making sure that all of our customers are taken care of in the best way possible. That includes everyone that visits our online store. We especially take notice of our customers that experience disabilities and do our very best to accommodate all of our services to them. That is why we are continually monitoring and updating our website to be as compliant as we can be with the accessibility regulations.

Due to some of the types of applications and third-party services we use, some of the accessibility areas that need improvement or are not yet compliant are out of our control. However, we are here to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

The TRU47 website is not legally required to be Section 508, Title III compliant expected by all state and federal .gov websites. However, we are committed to making our electronic information accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you notice an accessibility issue, please contact TRU47 with details of an issue you may be experiencing so we can ensure it is addressed. If applicable, please include the web address or URL and the specific problems you have encountered. 

What is Not Tested

This website has not been tested with JAWS or any assistive technology.

This website has not been officially tested by disabled users.

We are Not Responsible For

Shopify continues to roll out updates to its software and one of their missions is to meet WCAG2.1 standards. Our online website is updated dynamically by Shopify and our theme is continually updated as well.  We are not responsible for any issues that may be tied to Shopify or the 3rd party theme itself. We are not responsible for the status of their compliance.

Apple and Android mobile device operating systems have accessibility protocols that are different from each other. While we strive to design for the best mobile user experience for all mobile devices, we are not responsible for changes that may arise when their technology or equipment changes.

Adobe Acrobat PDF Files

You may encounter pdf documents on the TRU47 website that are viewable in Adobe Acrobat® Portable Document Format (PDF).

PDF format is used to preserve the content and layout of our hard copy publications. Publications in PDF can only be viewed and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader®, version 3.0 or higher. You can download and get help using the Acrobat Reader at the Adobe Systems, Inc. site. The downloadable Acrobat Reader software is available at NO CHARGE from Adobe.

People using screen-reading devices generally are unable to read documents directly in PDF format, unless they have an accessibility plug-in installed on their system along with the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This plug-in is available at NO CHARGE from Adobe. Adobe also has online tools that will convert PDF files to HTML on request. To get the plug-in and latest news about Adobe’s accessibility tools and services, visit the Access Adobe site.

We thank you for visiting TRU47 and look forward to servicing you. Again, if you encounter any issues that may be inhibiting you from successfully accessing any part of our website, please contact us at (800) 915-1647 or send us an email at