Colloidal Silver Sprays


      Our Colloidal Silver Spray collection features our signature selection of Silver Spritzes and Silver Mists, all safe, natural custom formulated blends made with 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, Trace Minerals, Himalayan Sea Salts, Silver Citrate and the best Colloidal Silver.

      Our Colloidal Silver Sprays, also known as our Silver Spritz line, includes: Silver Spritz, Home+, Fresh Feet, Toilette, Doggie Spritz and Spritz for Kids. Silver Spritz and was created for use on hands, devices, shopping carts, gas pumps - places where bacteria can grow and thrive. We also extended the line to include other Silver Spritz products with colloidal silver for the home, personal use, and as needed for family, children, and pets. 

      The Colloidal Silver Spray Mists, also known as our Silver Mist Sprays, are available in two distinct collections. The Restorative Collection was created to help with everyday ailments. Choose from: Just Breathe, Immune Boost, and Restore.  We also offer our Unique Flavors Collection, which includes: Sage, Lemon Drop, Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa, and Wintergreen, for those who are looking to add their favorite flavor/scent into their space. Simply mist around yourself to freshen the air, mist on masks to mitigate odor-causing bacteria, or use on hands as a non-toxic alternative hand sanitizers.

      If you've been wondering where to buy colloidal silver spray, look no further. Our custom-formulated blends are made from the best Colloidal Silver and the finest ingredients available.