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Introducing our custom collection of Social Distancing masks and face shields to meet all lifestyles. All TRU47 offerings are made of the highest quality 99.99% pure ionically bathed silver, plated on to a superior rip stock nylon. (It is not the inferior coated particle process known as nano technology). 

Silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful anti-microbial. Innovative new styles additionally feature 99.99% pure Copper outer layers  Copper is a known anti-viral deterrent, providing an extra layer preferable by some in highly populated environments.

TRU47 masks are not N95, medical or surgical coverings. Rather, they are designed with care and style to provide protection whether inside or outdoors when social distancing. All are detailed for comfortable wear and are breathable making them useable for longer wear. A core benefit is that every style is re-useable without washing over and over making them very cost effective and environmentally thoughtful.