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Introducing our new and elegant collection of 99.99 % pure silver Social Distancing Mesh Scarves- wonderful face shield coverings. Available in two sizes, these stunning (ok, we're a little biased) additions join our original pure woven silver Stellaecleenz scarf. Many we are told wear these as masks these days.

Silver is a well known and scientifically proven effective anti-microbial element. Innovative. Our new Mesh scarves are fashionable wearble accessories and swift to pull up to cover your mouth, nose and even ears when in a public or a highly trafficked environment where you want  facial protection. 

A main benefit and feature of pure 99.99% silver used in all TRU47 wearables and our Stellaecleenz products, are  that they reuseable without washing over and over. Bacteria germs and fungi simply cannot grow on silver. This makes all very cost effective and environmentally thoughtful compared to any disposable