CBS Las Vegas Features TRU47 Silver Face Masks

CBS Las Vegas Interviews TRU47 CEO
Why You Should Consider Using Silver Masks

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) Is silver the new must-have pandemic protection?  

There are so many masks to choose from, and chances are you’ve found the ones you love over the past nine months. However, since wearing a mask will likely still be necessary for many more months to come, you might want to consider a pure silver face shield. 

Sharon Whiteley is the founder of “TRU47” — a line of naturally sanitizing face masks and other protection products — all made of 99.99 percent pure silver. 

“This is pure ionically plated silver. We tested it against every single gel spring and disinfectant on the market,” Whiteley said. “After a year of research, fell in love with silver and created a whole company around silver.” 

That was five years ago, after her own personal health scare. She wanted to enhance other people’s lives, through health and wellness, grounded in science. 

Calling the company “TRU47” — 47 being the periodic number for silver. 

“Silver is an amazing antimicrobial property, it goes back to 4000 B.C.,” Whiteley said. “It is a natural element, before the invent of antibiotic in the 40’s, it was the antibiotic of the day.” 

When the pandemic hit, her company started branching out with different items — spritzes, spray, wipes, wraps and a variety of masks. 

“What’s really unusual about our masks is I think we’re the only people making them out of pure, ionically plated silver, not nano technology particles which is coating, this is a ripstop nylon thin cord, bathed in silver plated, it will never come off, it’s rare. it will last forever,” Whiteley said. 

You don’t even have to wash them. Some even have copper on the outside, and every one of them has silver on the inside. 

She calls them “the silver lining in going social.” 

The masks, as described are made of silver mesh. They are self sanitizing, as she said, you don’t have to wash them – just spray a mist on it. 

But if you do want to wash them, you can certainly put them in a mild soap or throw them in the washing machine. 

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