Grounding Products


      Thermal Conductive Silver-Infused Grounding Socks: New to TRU and You

      We are excited to introduce the first of our new line of Grounding Products - Silver Infused Unisex Socks, made with 99.99% pure silver thread woven into a soft and stretchy merino wool blend. Some people are not fond of going barefoot outdoors, so TRU47 created these amazing socks for you to get grounded while wearing them on grounding surfaces. Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals, helping regulate temperature and keeping feet comfortable in cooler and warmer weather. An added benefit, pure silver also enhances grounding, promoting a healthier state of overall well-being, and odor-free feet. What more can your tootsies ask for?

      Three Unisex Styles: No Show, Low-Cut and Quarter & Four Unisex Sizes: S, M, L, XL. Proudly Made in the USA.