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Tru47 Announces the Expansion of their Silver Imbued Product Lines to Enhance People’s Well-Being

TUCSON, AZ - March 17, 2022, TRU47, the industry leader in creating innovative silver products that enhance people’s well-being announces new product lines to further enhance people’s well-being, support their immune systems, and protect against germs and bacteria.  The company provides all-natural, healthy alternatives for the home, body, and family in a wide variety of wellness goods.

New TRU47 Silver-Infused Product Lines 

To complement TRU47’s latest addition of pure organic essential oils infused with silver to enhance aroma therapies, the company has added new custom formulated nasal inhalers, body mists and skincare products - all made with colloidal silver, essential oils, and trace minerals and a brand-new line of complimentary offerings.

TRU47’s exclusive and innovative sanitizing textile offerings, products under the brand name Stellarcleeenz, includes its original line of staples including handy pure silver sanitizing cloths in two sizes, Mitts, luggage, and handle wraps and in response to the pandemic, an entire line of silver masks and face coverings. New to the line are fashionable hair scrunchies made with pure silver in four different fabric blends. Silver is known for its beneficial properties and gentleness to the skin and scalp in addition to TRU47’s styling being classic and fashionable.  Coming late fall will be a light apparel and accessory line known as functional wearables. The special benefit to these new lines will feature EMF and RF shielding.