TRU47 Silver Sleep Masks Featured in WellSpa360 Magazine

TRU47 Silver Sleep Masks Featured in WellSpa360 Magazine

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TRU47 introduced a new line of Silver & Silk Sleep Masks to their Silver Apparel Collection, featured in 7 New Spa & Wellness Products section of the September 2022 Issue of WellSpa 360 Magazine

WellSpa 360 Magazine Features TRU47

TRU47 Featured in WellSpa 360 Magazine New Products Section

 TRU47 One-Of-A-Kind Silver & Silk Sleep Masks

These one-of-a-kind Silver & Silk Sleep Masks are made with six luxurious layers of the finest woven silver fabrics and Mulberry and Tuscany silk batting inside. Created to calm, soothe and protect, and be extra gentle on our eyes, the most delicate area of our face.

They also help decrease tension, headaches, reduce eye strain and block out EMF and RF radiation, and are available in two sizes and styles: Black Silver Jersey woven with 99% pure silver thread, or a lightweight 99% Pure Silver fabric. 

Handcrafted & Made in the USA.

TRU47 Silver Sleep Masks

Benefits & Features:
• Shield eyes from light & protect them by blocking out RF radiation and EMFs
• Use as a beauty and relaxation companion to ease the stress of traveling
• Upgrade your sleep routine with continued use
• Interior layers of gentle batting provide comfort and are easy on the eyes
• Silver eye mask is sanitized with antimicrobial threads keeping skin clearer
• Sunburned around the eyes? Slip on your mask to soothe and help the healing process
• Easy Care: Hand Wash Gently & Air Dry Only