Grounding Benefits & Silver

Silver is a known conductive metal, which allows the transfer of energy from the Earth's surface into our bodies when your skin has direct contact with the silver material - directly placed on the ground's surface.

TRU47 is excited to introduce our New Silver Grounding Socks! The 99% Pure Silver Thread woven into TRU47 Silver Socks enables people to get grounded when wearing directly on grounding surfaces, such as: grass, sand, soil, unsealed brick, tile and concrete.

Although our latest product is new to TRU47, Sharon Whiteley, our founder is definitely not new to grounding. Sharon co-authored Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health through Grounding, and has co-authored a second book, which is on its way to the publisher. She is considered an expert on the topic of grounding, in addition to the many healthful benefits of Silver. 

The History of Grounding and Why Should I Do It?

Until the end of the 19th century, grounding was a seamless part of everyday life. People walked everywhere either barefoot or again, in pure leather footwear along dirt and stone surfaces, each of which is naturally conductive to earth’s energy flow, naturally grounding as they went and keeping a host of opportunistic illnesses at bay because of enhancing their immune systems. Interestingly, inflammation, the bane of modern-day health, was unheard of back then. Diabetes was unknown. People didn’t typically die from heart disease, hypertension and an array of debilitating chronic conditions that confound doctors, wellness, and medical practitioners, today. They didn’t rampantly exist when grounding was in the mix, and when they did occur, they were somewhat infrequent events.

Scientists and researchers have studied the many benefits of grounding over the last two and a half decades. There are currently more than 25 studies revealing, peer reviewed and published scientific evidence of how grounding can help reduce stress, inflammation and pain, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and increase blood viscosity. Grounding is Mother Nature’s most effective, natural prescription for your health and well-being.