Hip New Jersey Features TRU47 Copper and Silver Face Masks

TRU47 Silver and Copper Face Masks
Featured in Hip New Jersey Post

Whether you’re making the best of time at home or looking to get back on the town, we’ve got you covered with part 5 of our quarantine #HipList!

1) Deepa Lashes

Deepa Lashes provide quality, reusable falsies that are perfect for the beauty queen in your life! Ranging from reserved to truly voluminous, these lashes mimic the softness of widely sought-after mink fur lashes—all while staying cruelty-free

Snag your own at ShopDeepa.com. Retail price: $26.00.

2) Good Green Cleaner

Good Green Cleaner is an environmentally-friendly, food-contact-safe cleaner. The products are bio-based, which means they are composed of renewable sources (such as plants) found in nature. They get the job done without being toxic to ingest!

Head on over to GoodGreenCleaner.com to learn more. Retail price: $12.99.

YVY Naturals (pronounced “ee-vee”) are high-performance cleaning agents that come in eco-friendly pods, made with 100% Brazilian citrus and Amazonian flowers. It’s the only cleaning brand in the world that saves 83% plastic with reusable capsules, all while being competitively priced with products you’re already using.

To learn more, be sure to check out YVYNaturals.com. Priced at $28 per 6 pods + reusable bottle.

If you’re looking to get more organized while things are still up-in-the-air, you can’t go wrong with The Happy Planner! With everything from meal journals to dry-erase weekly planners, their organizational stationary is high-quality and stylishly simple.
To take a peek at what they have in stock, visit TheHappyPlanner.com! Prices vary.

The Spatty works its magic in narrow, hard-to-reach places. Designed with the right amount of flexibility, this implement easily moves around the curves and corners of bottles and other containers while staying firm enough for your mixing, spreading, and decorating needs. No more struggle to get every drop out of your condiments, cooking ingredients, beauty products, and more!

Available in 6-inch and 12-inch sizes, the Spatty is dishwasher-safe, FDA-approved, and BPA-free. Washing your Spatty to use again is a breeze!

Be sure to visit their website to get your own, or head over to their Amazon page. Prices vary.
The sweet tooth in your life will be amazed at how delicious vegan chocolate can be! Founded in 2019 by chef Andrea Young, these fair-trade truffles come in four delicious flavors. Without any dairy or other animal products, Sweet Vegan bites also contain no soy, no gluten, and no nuts—allowing the chocolate to really shine on its own.
Feeling hungry? Grab your own at their website. Starting at $15.99.

With TRU47, masks can be as stylish as they are safe! Their line of silver-mesh face masks—known to have antimicrobial properties—are both cleansing and cute. Paired with their silver-mesh scarves, TRU47 blends function with fashion in creative new ways!

To check out their lineup, be sure to visit TRU47.com! Prices vary.

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