Family Sick in Bed During Flu Season

5 Benefits of Silver Inhalers
During Peak Cold/Flu Season

For most of the past year, we have been hyper-focused on COVID prevention. Cold and flu concerns are still here, but more often than not, they tend to pop up when we're evaluating any symptoms. Is that tickle or running nose a sign of the coronavirus, or is it an indicator of a common cold or the flu?  

Just because a cold has become a more appealing winter ailment, when compared to COVID, at least, it's still best to avoid getting sick at all. A common cold may leave you down and out for a few days. 

The flu, on the other hand, can take a real toll on your health. Fortunately, there are protocols and preventative measures you can partake of that could be helpful in dodging pesky winter ailments. You don’t have to sit back and wait to feel concerning symptoms. 

However, you can do several things to lessen the impact a cold, and the flu has on you and your household. Commonly, this includes considering getting an annual flu shot, practicing good hygiene through regular hand washing (an excellent way to time it is to sing Happy Birthday!), eating right, and getting enough sleep.  

However, there is another valuable resource that you can add to your cold and flu prevention kit: Silver

5 Benefits of Silver Inhalers During Peak Cold/Flu Season

The Protective Benefits of Silver

The medical field thrives on technology and other advancements that help us live longer and healthier lives. For sure, not all effective methods and resources are cutting edge. On the other hand, there are ancient, natural, and efficacious ways that contribute to supporting our health and wellness. Silver is one that has long played a vital role in health and medical practices, and it continues to do so today.  

One of the primary reasons for silver’s stronghold in the medical community is its scientifically proven antimicrobial properties. Reports show that it can help heal wounds and other skin conditions, including burns, psoriasis, and eczema. It also helps battle and inhibits bacteria, viruses, and fungi growth without introducing harmful chemicals to our bodies.

Silver does more than inhibit the growth of unwanted germs. Research indicates that it additionally offers anti-inflammatory benefits and can also boost your immunity. These two benefits alone make it an effective, toxic-free, and natural solution for the cold and flu season.

Benefits of Silver Inhalers 

How can you incorporate silver into your health routine? There are plenty of options. However, one of the easiest is to add our carefully crafted inhalers infused with colloidal silver. The immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory powers of silver aren’t the only benefits. 

In addition to colloidal silver, our inhalers also include pure organic essential oils, Himalayan sea salts, and trace minerals—all proprietarily and custom formulated. These natural ingredients will further enhance your well-being and help you fight off those dreaded colds and flu. 

1. Dual immune-boosting properties

In addition to the immune-boosting properties of silver (link to article), essential oils play their role in warding off illness and boosting the immune system. 

According to recently published research on the U.S. National Institute of Health, some essential oils, including eucalyptus and ginger, can further boost the immune system. Silver Inhalers, mainly our IMMUNE BOOST and FORTIFY PLUS inhalers, have been reported to strengthen your immune response and help you possibly entirely avoid or quickly recover from colds or the flu. 

2. Reduce common issues that weaken your immune system

There are many ways you can boost your immune system. Conversely, there are a lot of ways you can compromise yours. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and chronic stress can all negatively impact your immune system. Over time, this can leave you more vulnerable to colds or the flu; it may even extend recovery time. 

Each of our silver inhalers includes carefully formulated essential oils known to address a specific concern, including those known to compromise your immune system. 

The SLEEP TIGHT inhaler, for instance, incorporates Roman Chamomile and Melatonin to help you fall and stay asleep, ensure a more refreshed morning and a healthier existence. 

Similarly, the STRESS LESS inhaler, which includes Lavender and Kava Kava Root Tea, can reduce anxiety and stress, both of which are damaging to numerous body systems, including your immune system. There are inhalers for supporting sharper focus, increased energy (there is a pure essential oil coffee bean) – even one called Think Thin.

3. Portable & Discreet

Similar in size and shape to a tube of Chapstick, colloidal silver infused inhalers are easy to store in purses, book bags, backpacks, desks, cars, or your pants pocket. And, since they’re designed to meet different needs throughout the day (and night, too), you can curate a collection for your unique wellness profile. 

4. Safe for Kids & Adults

Cold and flu remedies are not one-size-fits-all, and they're certainly not one kind fits all or all ages. Many over-the-counter vitamins, supplements, and medicines are crafted with a specific age group in mind. Finding a common solution can be difficult. Mixing up products and doses can lead to challenges, especially for young children or individuals who take certain prescription drugs. 

On the other hand, silver inhalers are designed for safe use in children over ten years old, meaning your entire family can benefit from the very same qualified product, regardless of their age. Of course, the use of an inhaler by more than one person is not recommended as this may well spread an infection or cold. 

5. All-Natural Reinforcement

Medicine has come a long way, and we're lucky to be able to go to a drug store, big-box store, or supermarket to get supplements and prescribed medication easily that allow for targeted treatment of whatever it is that ails us. However, many of those medications are packed full of ingredients that, in certain situations, can have adverse effects on our bodies—some toxic chemicals and other synthetic fragrances. Even over-the-counter pain relief drugs have been reported to wreak havoc on your liver, stomach, and kidneys.  

Similarly, many vitamins or supplements with claims or suggested uses to strengthen the immune system or provide general preventative care include potentially hazardous fillers like silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, and hydrogenated oils used to stabilize or bind ingredients. Preventing or treating colds and the flu shouldn't require you to make a trade-off, relieving one undesirable condition while adding another risk factor to the mix.  

TRU47 silver inhalers make it possible to practice preventive care without introducing unwanted ingredients into your body. You can rely on the benefits of all-natural ingredients to boost your health without worrying about the side effects of some over-the-counter medications, mainly if a pill or liquid falls into the wrong hands. 

Don't add cold and flu worries to your already-full plate of concerns. A strong immune system can help you fight off nasty germs and viruses, helping you take on more pressing challenges you face. And you can't do it alone.

A robust immune system takes work. Taking control of or eliminating common immune compromising factors, like stress or exhaustion, will aid you. There are also other excellent, natural products, including our silver inhalers, in addition to supporting habits that can give you the added boost you need to make it through another cold and flu season.