Silver Education

Colloidial Silver & Essential Oils for Dogs
Colloidal silver is simply a liquid suspension of tiny silver particles in water. It has been used for centuries as an alternative medicine for its purported antimicrobial properties.
AROMA THERAPY- for Young and Older Alike
Aromatherapy has been in the news more than ever before and there is good reason. It does have many reported and substantiated benefits. A few are noted below that we believe are particularly timely. 
There is a great deal of news – and an ever-increasing entry of companies, into the realm of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.
EMF Radiation Can be Harmful to your Dogs
We all know that that cancer and chronic serious diseases can be devastating and affect not only humans but also our beloved pets, specifically doggies – young and old alike. 
Not all EMF shielding products are the same
We live in a world today, more fast changing than ever before in almost every facet of life. One of the fastest proliferating areas is one that is compromising our health whether we know it or not, or whether we feel it or not. 
Why we should care about the harmful effects of EMFs?
EMFs, are electromagnetic fields. Simply stated, they are invisible areas of energy or radiation associated with the use of electrical power, both natural and manmade. 
Seasonal Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze About
With spring and warmer weather come allergies, and for many who suffer from them, discomfort. Here are some tips and suggestions to mitigate seasonal allergies.  
Throughout history Silver has been used for its natural and organic properties to protect our health, and has been used as a sanitizer for centuries. Now, there are new innovations using silver in fabrics to enhance well-being. 
What's old is new, as we enter a new year in 2023, TRU47 reflects on what the ancients knew, and how silver has played a role in medicine, healing, and when using the most advanced technologies with textiles, how silver imbued apparel can protect us in modern times.
Silver, Nature's Own Antimicrobial Gem. Inhibit the Growth & Spread of Germs Naturally
Learn about the many benefits of using silver-based products as all-natural, healthy alternatives to inhibit the growth and spread of germs in an excerpt taken from Chapter 8, Silver Solutions from TRU47 Founder Sharon Whiteley’s latest book, The Gift of Silver How Nature’s Noble Element Promotes Well-Being.
Wellness & Social Practices We Learned from the Pandemic
As we prepare for flu and cold season, and continued variants, there are precautionary measures and practices to protect ourselves and the well-being of others. Our blog features Social, Seasonal Etiquette Practices for Wellness.
New Book by TRU47 Founder Inspired by the Gifts of Silver
TRU47 Founder, Sharon Whiteley shares her silver nuggets and expertise about earth’s precious metal, Ag47 in her newly published book, The Gift of Silver How Nature’s Noble Element Promotes Health & Well Being. Learn more in this blog.
Have You Grounded Lately? Why Grounding is Beneficial for Your Health
Grounding, also known as “earthing” has many health benefits. It is an easy way to connect with nature, get "down to earth" and re-charge your body, free of charge! Discover why it is a game-changer, why famous athletes do it, and how being grounded can help improve your overall well-being.
Why Sleep Is Important for Overall Health and Well-Being
Inadequate sleep can lead to many health risks and disorders. Getting quality sleep and “sleep hygiene” have become as important to our well-being as hydration, diet and exercise, and living healthier lifestyles. Learn why sleep is so vital. We have 10 tips for improving sleep to share.
Colloidal Silver: Its History and Benefits
Silver and colloidal silver have been fondly called a “silver bullet” because of its all-natural antimicrobial properties, and has a diverse set of uses for wound care, common ailments, and well-being. Learn what Colloidal Silver is, how it is made, how it works, along with many other interesting facts and reported benefits.
Make His Day Last All Year: Father’s Day, Everyday
Celebrating Father’s Day did not become an official holiday until 1972. Learn about the history, and surprise Dad with gifts of wellness that will keep giving all year long.
Summer Activities to Connect with Nature, Uplift Mood, Energize and Stay Healthy
Summer is upon us, along with sunshine and warmer weather. Here are some healthy tips and activities to stimulate your senses, connect with nature, boost your mood and look to Mother Nature to benefit your wellness.
Remembering and Honoring Those Who Served This Memorial Day
TRU47 remembers and honors the sacrifices made in the name of freedom by those who served in the armed forces and who lost their lives on our behalf.
The Science of Scent: How Essential Oils Can Stimulate Memories, Support Mood and Relax the Mind
TRU47 spent the long winter months blending, distilling, infusing, decanting and bottling blooms harvested in seasons past in preparation for our brand-new line of Pure, Organic Silver Infused Essential Oils. Spring arrived just in time for us to launch this...
Earth Day: Celebrating Silver, Nature’s Precious Gift for Well-Being
There are countless reasons to celebrate Earth Day and the many gifts from nature, including Silver. Naturally sourced and found in the Earth’s crust, Silver is 100% pure and unaltered in its natural state. It is one of Earth’s most prized and precious metals, and a noble element identified by its chemical name, AG, from the Latin word, Argentum - meaning shiny or white and the atomic number 47. We cherish our planet earth, and the gift of silver for our well-being.
The History of EARTH DAY: Honoring the Health of Our Planet, Our Environment & Sustainability

Earth Day began with one man, and has been celebrated since 1970. It is now a day set aside to honor our amazing planet, raise awareness to environmental issues and threats to our world, and celebrate cleaner, healthier, eco-friendly habits. Earth Day has evolved and expanded into an international movement focused on our global sustainability.