Veteran in Sunset: A Silver Solute To Our Veterans

A Silver Salute to Our Veterans

November 11th marks a special day of gratitude for all the members of our Armed Services who put their lives on the line to ensure our safety. We salute them for sacrifices made, services provided and selfless commitment to a common cause that is so much bigger than ourselves. 

Originally celebrated as Armistice Day to mark the first-year anniversary of the end of World War I on November 11, 1919, Veterans Day, as we know it today, came into its own in 1954 when then President Eisenhower signed it into law.

And while Armistice Day was originally set aside to honor the fallen soldiers of WWI, a World War II veteran by the name of Raymond Weeks petitioned to have it changed to “Veterans Day” to celebrate all veterans rather than just the ones who perished in the war.

He organized the first Veterans Day in Alabama in 1945 and celebrate it every year until he died in 1985, earning recognition as the “Father of Veterans Day” in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan.


soldiers with flag

 Defending us from harm and keeping the peace are second nature to our military brethren, who risk their lives on behalf of our fundamental freedoms and harmony. Now it’s our turn to thank them.

 At TRU 47, we are similarly dedicated to keeping people safe from harm by declaring war on the germs and bacteria that threaten their health. We accomplish this with weapons made from silver – wearable woven silver fabric masks, scarves and gloves, along with handy Stellarcleenz cloths, in addition to spritzes, nasal inhalers and mists containing colloidal silver that banish the bad guys on contact.

 Silver is the world’s first recognized disease slaying antimicrobial, and a steadfast ally in defending our health. 

thank you veterans In fact, silver has played an important role on behalf of our soldiers for decades, where it is threaded into surgical dressings to combat battlefield infections from burns, wounds, and medical incisions. It also helped keep drinking water safe for soldiers as far back as the Civil War, who dropped silver coins into their canteens, flasks and rain barrels to keep it sanitized and bacteria-free.  

We’d like the keep the tradition of keeping our veterans safe with silver. To honor this special day and out veterans, TRU47 will be donating 10% to for every purchase made on Veterans Day this year. You’ll not only be safeguarding your own health, you will also be showing how much you value our Veterans for helping keep your life safe too! 

Thank you for your service.