Colloidal Silver Benefits Explained: The Natural Germ Fighter

Colloidal Silver Benefits Explained:
The Natural Germ Fighter

The hunt for natural and chemical-free household products can be exhausting. For many consumers, though, it’s a journey worth taking.  

As it turns out, many of the products we once welcomed into our homes—cleaning, personal care, or otherwise—can cause more harm than good. Some include toxic ingredients, dangerous fumes, alcohol, and harsh solutions that irritate and damage our bodies, particularly our skin and respiratory systems.   

Unfortunately, finding a replacement for those products isn’t always easy. One simple solution? Colloidal silver. 

For years colloidal silver has been reported to have germ-fighting properties. Current research indicated that this is a direct result of how silver ions interact with cells. 

That’s what modern science tells us, and the tale of silver and medicine is one that has extended over centuries. 

Colloidal Silver Benefits Explained

The historical relationship between silver and your health 

When we think of precious metals, we often envision symbols of wealth and commerce—coins, jewelry, art, etc. But the value of precious metals, especially silver, is rooted in far more than material goods. Humans have relied on the properties of silver for centuries. 

Ancient civilizations used it to keep liquids from spoiling, as was the case for the Greeks, who used it to store freshwater, and the Romans, who used silver to store wine. Humans have turned to the medical properties of silver for centuries, with the first medical uses dating back to 4000 B.C.  

Wondering why we use silverware? You can thank doctors from the Middle Age who advised wealthy citizens to use silver utensils to stave off the plague. A bit of trivia. Folklore has it that the phrase “born with a silver spoon” was attributed to affluent people who gave pure silver spoons as gifts for their newborns to help parents stave off germs and infections.  

Even our brothers and sisters to the East have a history of deep-rooted trust in silver, as early Chinese civilizations often kept silver in their homes to help keep wounds free from bacteria.  

And, if you’re looking for expanded visibility of effectiveness from this century, we can turn to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Henry Crookes, a United States physician. In the early 1900s, Crookes found that colloidal silver had excellent germicidal properties.

Colloidal Silver Benefits for the Modern World 

The consistent presence of silver in our medicinal past is no coincidence. Over time, it’s become a reliable natural element that has documented uses for several processes, including water purification, wound healing, and the prevention and treatment of infections.  

Naturally protect against germs 

One of the primary reasons that silver was and remains popular is its antimicrobial properties.  

This is increasingly important as bacteria and viruses continue to evolve and often can withstand other antimicrobial products, like those that depend on alcohol, as well as antibiotics. 

The antimicrobial properties of silver are reported to help sanitize surfaces, including kitchen counters, baby-changing stations, shopping carts, and mobile devices. Because silver reportedly inhibits bacteria that cause odor, you can say goodbye to gross and stinky-smelling sponges and dirty dishcloths.   

And, when used in spray or mist form, you can rely on the silver for high-traffic or notoriously germy areas. That makes colloidal silver the perfect solution for the home, office, gym, yoga studio, and any other place where germs lurk.  

Gentle enough for everyday use 

Even though many household products, like cleaners, disinfectants, and sanitizers, help fight off germs and bacteria, they often do so at a cost. Harsh chemicals can dry out and irritate the skin. 

As we turn to these products more now than ever, continuous exposure can lead to even more problems. Chemical-free, colloidal silver products, like those in Spritz lines and inhalers, offer the best of both worlds: preventing potentially compromising your respiratory system and not being friendly to your skin.  

Great for all ages and individual needs 

We want our children to remain healthy, for sure. And often, traditional solutions can have a host of adverse side effects, especially on the young, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems.

Colloidal silver offers a solution that is reported to be safe for kids and adults alike. That means you can have one go-to solution instead of multiple ones, each dependent on the recipient.   

Silver clothes, wipes, gloves, and masks are examples of how silver technology can be effective, even when used repeatedly. Instead of stocking up on sanitizing solutions, paper towels, disposable masks, etc., you can make a single investment in silver products.   

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Today’s popular antibacterial and sanitizing products come in single-use plastic bottles. Paper towels, tissues, and disposable masks are often created for the “throwaway” culture.   

And adding insult to injury, every time you run out and re-stock, you’re spending more money on products that can be harmful to both humans and the environment.    

Investing in colloidal silver and products can help your household budget by eliminating unnecessary waste. Say goodbye to an endless parade of used and discarded towels, sponges, and more; say hello to long-term savings.  

For centuries, the human race has relied on the benefits of this natural gem. From water purification to wound care, silver has and continues to be a strong ally in our fight against germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and more.  

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