Earth Day: Celebrating Silver, Nature’s Precious Gift for Well-Being

Earth Day: Celebrating Silver, Nature’s Precious Gift for Well-Being

Earth Day is a great reminder of all the good things found in nature - right here on Earth. Studies have shown that connecting to nature enhances our well-being in a number of ways. The ground itself is rich in nourishing electrons that have the power to heal inflammatory ailments. The lakes, oceans, rivers and streams not only provide life-giving waters to all living beings, they are abundant with minerals that do a body good.

Earth Day Sign on Tree Trunk

Nature… A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Trees, plants and greenery improve the soil, clean the air, support wildlife and improve our own health. Scientists have found that spending time around trees or just looking at them reduces stress lowers blood pressure and improves moods, while reducing stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Trees absorb harmful gasses by filtering particulates out of the air and trapping them on their bark and leaves. Along with plants and other greenery, they help us breathe by providing us with oxygen and we, in turn, help them “breathe” by providing them with carbon dioxide.

Flowers add even more benefits. Besides being beautiful to behold, flowers scent the air with fragrances that soothe and seduce, and the bees that collect their pollen spread floral smiles and honeyed goodness around the world.

Silver Image AG47 Symbol on Periodic Table

Silver, Earth’s Natural Noble Element

In addition to the gifts of nature we see outside, the Earth’s crust also holds secrets that help us with our health.

Take silver, for example.

Found underground, silver is one of Earth’s most prized and precious metals, a noble element identified by its chemical name, AG, from the Latin word, Argentum meaning shiny or white and the atomic number 47. Silver is widely distributed in nature, and is present in many naturally occurring minerals like lead and copper. While deposits of native silver are available, most silver today is derived as a by-product from ores that are mined and processed to obtain these other metals.

The story of silver dates back millennia when it was first mined in ancient Greece. Since then, it has been shaped, smelted and sculpted into items of value, from coins to cups to garments threaded with its finery.

Lest you think this metal was prized simply for its good looks, think again.

Like Earth’s pretty flowers, its landscapes of emerald green and its waters hued in aquamarine, turquoise and cobalt blues, silver is imbued with benefits that not only enhance our well-being, it protects us too with helpful healing properties for humans that don not harm the Earth!

So, as we honor of Earth Day, we’ll be going a little deeper and adding silver to our celebrations!