Have You Grounded Lately? Why Grounding is Beneficial for Your Health

Have You Grounded Lately? Why Grounding is Beneficial for Your Health

Have you grounded yourself lately? Perhaps you have and you are not even aware of it – walking barefoot in the grass, or on a sandy beach, gardening with your bare hands in the soil, or touching a tree.

You may have heard of the term “grounding”, also known as “earthing” – although not yet mainstream, more people are becoming aware of the many benefits of this practice.

Perhaps you watched the New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox game on July 16th where Matt Carpenter walked around the Yankee Stadium barefoot pre-game. That evening, Carpenter hit a three-run homer in the first inning, another three-run shot in the fifth inning and drove seven runs ending in a 14-1 score. When announcer’s inquired about what they witnessed Matt Carpenter doing, he said he was “grounding” and it was supposed to be good, “so why not try it”? Carpenter’s recent improved athletic performance, and series of home runs prompted this video, explaining grounding and how it has impacted his game.

Interestingly enough, Adam Ottavino, a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox also had a pre-game ritual of grounding on the field in his bare feet before approaching the mound, which definitely made a difference for him.

Many athletes “get grounded” before games or competing, because they believe it helps improve their focus and overall performance. You can read all about their stories and learn everything you need to know about grounding in Barefoot Wisdom: Better Health through Grounding, co-authored by TRU47 founder, Sharon P. Whiteley, a subject matter expert.

Grounding Barefoot in the Grass

What is Grounding?

Mother Earth is a magnificent healer, and has the ability to transform our lives when we connect with the abundant natural resources stored in earth’s surface (known as electrons) to stabilize our systems, recharge, and restore our energy. The earth has a natural energy field known as the Schumann Resonance, which is an invisible frequency, comprised of electrons our bodies need for improved functional health.

Getting grounded is as easy as connecting your body to the earth’s surface and by making direct contact with its electromagnetic field.

It’s an easy way to get re-charged, free of charge! This can be achieved by connecting with a grounded surface through your skin, and there are so many ways to do it.

Ways to Get Grounded

The awesome thing about grounding, is you can do it almost anywhere in the great outdoors. There are endless ways to ground yourself, and you also receive the feel-good benefits of spending time in nature, which can be mentally and physically soothing to your entire being, in addition to receiving the health benefits from being grounded.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go to a park or in your back yard, take your shoes off and put your bare feet in a patch of grass. Better yet, lay in the grass.
  • Sit under your favorite tree and lean your body against it, touch it or even give it a hug. You can also touch the branches and leaves to get grounded.
  • Walk along a sandy beach in your bare tootsies or lay skin to sand.
  • Wade in a stream, or go swimming in a lake, river or the ocean.
  • Get grounded by tending to your garden, feet, knees or hands in soil.

The ancients knew about the earth’s healing powers long before researchers began to reveal the science of grounding. Grounding has been around for centuries. Our ancestors lived their lives mostly grounded, walking barefoot or in leather moccasins (leather is conductive), and sleeping on the ground. They were also deeply involved with agriculture and tending barehanded to their crops and fields. This influenced their health and longevity and helped keep them inflammation and disease free. This lifestyle is still common in certain parts of the world.

Girl Getting Grounded In Grass

What Exactly Are the Health Benefits of Grounding?

There are many health benefits associated with being grounded. Here are some of the ways grounding can benefit your overall well-being:

  • Increases Energy and Enhances Mood
  • Reduces Inflammation Throughout the Body
  • Accelerates Wound Healing
  • Balances Stress and Anxiety
  • Improves Sleep and Alignment with the Circadian Rhythm
  • Improves Blood Viscosity and Circulation
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Synchronizes Cortisol Hormone Secretion
  • Improves Alignment with the Natural 24-Hour Circadian Rhythm

You can see why grounding is an amazing, all-natural integrative approach to better health through connecting with the earth’s surface.

Grounding Socks: Another Great Way to Stay Grounded!

TRU47 Grounding Sock Diagram

At TRU47, health and wellness are the two most important factors in life. Not everyone is a fan of walking barefoot in the grass (because of bugs, pesticides, allergies and other reasons), which is why we created our Thermal Conductive Silver-Infused Grounding Socks.

They are super comfy, and available in three styles: No Show, Low Cut and Quarter Length, so you can get grounded while wearing them on grounding surfaces. Silver has the highest thermal conductivity of all metals, helping regulate temperature and keeping feet comfortable in cooler and warmer weather. Our socks are not only for grounding, they are perfect for everyday wear, and all activities and lifestyles.

So, now you know the many benefits of being grounded. What are you waiting for? Try grounding for yourself, and for your health. We hope you love it.