Humans are amazing bioelectrical beings

Humans are amazing bioelectrical beings

Not many of us think of ourselves as amazing bioelectrical beings.  We also have an inherent ability to heal ourselves and prevent the impact of compromising ailments naturally when supported by a strong immune system. Our hearts and the earth's nourishing energy are key guiding forces towards this end. 

human electromagnetic field

Did you know that our hearts emit an incredibly strong electromagnetic field, surpassing even the electromagnetic field of our brains? The electromagnetic frequency that emanates from our heart center is perfectly aligned with the Earth's natural rhythm. Known as the 7.83 Schumann Frequency it not only supports our cardiovascular function, it is also crucial for the health and resilience of our hearts.

Grounding, also known as earthing, or connecting with the Earth, has numerous benefits for our cardiovascular system. It's at the heart of the matter, so to speak. It increases heart rate variability, which is essential for maintaining a healthy heart function. It also improves circulation, ensuring that oxygen and nutrients reach every organ in our body. Additionally, grounding reduces the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, and strokes. I can attest to this fact firsthand.

Several scientific studies have confirmed the positive effects of grounding on the cardiovascular system. In a double-blind study, participants who were grounded showed significant increase in capillary blood flow in their skin, while those who were not grounded experienced no change. This instant physiological change can have amazing implications for the beauty and longevity and anti-aging industries as well. When it comes to peoples' faces and complexions, improved blood flow to the facial skin showed stimulation to the production of fresh skin tissue which can reverse signs of aging caused by factors like sun damage, toxins, food preservatives and additives, makeup, and environmental pollutants. We are exposed to many of these daily.

Patients who were grounded in a double-blind study and were tested along with a placebo group showed remarkable differences. Those grounded had a significant increase in blood flow in their facial skin, while ungrounded patients showed no change at all. Who knew grounding was such a low-cost way to beautify our skin.

In a study examining blood viscosity, researchers observed close to 30 participants who engaged in rigorous yoga exercises for an full hour. Half of the participants used grounded yoga mats, while the other half used non-grounded mats, unknowingly. The viscosity of their blood was measured after several rounds of very strenuous yoga exercising. The research team discovered that the viscosity of the blood decreased, allowing for smoother blood flow throughout the body and to the muscles during exercise for those who were grounded. A decrease in blood viscosity is beneficial during any exercise as it promotes healing, repair, and reduces strain on the muscles.

Heart rate variability (HRV) is another crucial indicator of heart health. This is the measuring the variation in heartbeats. An increased HRV suggests a healthy and well-functioning heart that is attuned to the autonomic nervous system. The heart rate and the environment also have a natural connection and inter-responsiveness. When HRV decreases during times of trauma, heart attack, heart transplant, premature birth, strokes, PTSD and other stress related events, the heart takes on a more rigid rhythm. It has less variation and loses its flexibility to adapt to the environment. Grounding can play a significant role in promoting a healthier heart during these times.

There are many more benefits associated with grounding that support a healthy heart and robust cardiovascular function. Another worth noting is reduced clotting risk, and enhanced overall well-being. Grounding reduces what is noted as zeta potential in your red blood cells and promotes smoother blood flow and lowers the risk of potentially serious conditions. 

Regardless of your location or environmental conditions, grounding is easily accessible and can have significant positive effects on your health. Whether it be connecting with the earth by walking barefoot on grass, sand, soil, unsealed tile or stone; or yes, even concrete when outside, or utilizing grounding mats inside connected to a grounding port, or by wearing grounding footwear such as socks when on a earth surface,  there are many methods available for incorporating grounding into your daily routine.  Get Grounded, Get Well and Barefoot Wisdom, both co-authored by Sharon Whiteley, founder of TRU47, are two highly digestible, easy-read books with many avenues for partaking of enhancing, fortifying ways to nourish and supporting your precious heart.