Make His Day Last All Year: Father’s Day, Everyday

Make His Day Last All Year: Father’s Day, Everyday

The nation’s first unofficial Father’s Day was celebrated in the state of Washington on June 19, 1910, but it wasn’t until 1972, inspired by the decades-long celebration of Mother’s Day, when Richard Nixon signed a proclamation making Father’s Day a nationwide holiday in the United States.

Back then, Father’s Day didn’t garner the same excitement as honoring mothers. During the 1920s and 1930s, an unsuccessful movement emerged to merge Mother’s Day and Father’s Day into a single Parents’ Day. It seemed that retailers struggling through the Great Depression hoped to make Father’s Day a “second Christmas” of sorts for family men, promoting sales of neckties, hats, socks, golf clubs and other sporting goods, along with greeting cards to honor family men.

Today, while economists estimate that Americans spend more than $1 billion each year on Father’s Day gifts, people still struggle with what to get Dad on his own special day. As family members, we have some ideas to show how much you care about the well-being of the man in your life. Neck ties, t-shirts and baseball caps are nice, but here are some options with health and wellness benefits.

Silver Infused Gifts with Superpowers for Dad

We’re not talking about coins, cutlery or gleaming silver trophies, but rather silver-infused products that have special superpowers, from Masks and Bandanas, that keep airborne pathogens at arms’ length and away from his airways, all designed to let him breathe easier. They’re also self-sanitizing, so washing them is not necessary, and they stay effective for as long as he wears them.

Our new line of Silver Infused Thermal Conductive Socks, woven with pure silver yarn and available in No-Show, Low-Cut and Quarter styles are awesome for every activity and lifestyle.

Silver Thermal Conductive Socks He Will Love

Pure silver helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria. It has the highest conductivity of all metals to regulate temperature in warmer and colder weather, and also enhances Grounding – all GREAT for foot health and overall well-being. Show his feet some TLC!

Silver Infused Thermal Conductive Grounding Socks

Essential Oils for Him

Men love scents too, especially if they are bottled into essential oils for long-lasting mood-enhancing benefits. Treat him to a contemporary Nebulizing Diffuser and Silver Infused Essential Oils that support air care, and come in a variety of collections with hints of nature and other botanicals to help restore a sense of calm or boost his immunity, one refreshing breath at a time.

Air Care with Nebulizing Diffuser & Organic Essential Oils

Essential oils not only refresh the air, they engage his senses to uplift and balance mood, improve sleep, enhance focus and concentration, and reduce stress. What’s more, there is a science behind scent and how aromatherapy directly stimulates the olfactory and limbic systems in the brain. The limbic system is a part of the brain that controls our sense of smell, emotions, and memories, as well as physiological functions related to heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

Help protect him while at work or on the go with silver-based sprays, spritzes and wipes that destroy bacteria, germs and viruses, easily and effectively. TRU 47’s 99.99% Pure Ionically Plated Silver products, including Sanitized Silver Cloths and Wipes, Sanitized Silver Handle Wraps and Sanitized Silver Mitts are safe, non-toxic, economical and environmentally friendly alternatives to gels, sprays and disinfectants.

And if you give him golf clubs or other sporting goods, make sure you include some silver to keep them free from any harmful pathogens that might want to get in the game!

This year, say Happy Father’s Day with silver – the best way we know to keep him happy, healthy and safe, year-round!