2022 New Year's Resolution Calendar

New Year’s Resolutions Reimagined
Make choices, not rules

Every year at this time people traditionally take stock of their lives and make resolutions to make changes in the new year, as if a turn of the calendar will suddenly transform us into some dramatically new superhumans with astounding resolve.  

What if we were to let go of resolutions?

We’re all for new starts and beginnings, but we don’t need to the burden of "resolutions" keeping us from moving forward.  Setting goals and making permanent changes to our routines calls for patience, perseverance, and the knowing that small, gradual bits of change are often the most impactful.  Rather than feeling guilty about not exercising for an hour; celebrate the 10-20 minutes of activity that you just accomplished. Feeling discouraged because you indulged in that cookie? Completely denying yourself of the things you love with those all-or-nothing approaches spell failure more times than not.

At TRU47, we ascribe to a “make choices not rules” mindset, championing progress over perfection to improve your life. Making a permanent change to your routine may be easier by setting it up in a way that supports your goals with manageable micro-steps to help you achieve success without untenable sacrifices.

Make choices you can live with
Being flexible is key as is being prepared. If you are determined to declutter, you could put items you're trying to avoid in storage if you aren't ready to get rid of them entirely. Want to take a walk or a run during the day to start an exercise routine?  Keep your sneakers in a visible location by the door to remind you that you wanted to get outside and exercise more often. Out of sight is out of mind, and the opposite is also true if you want to get something done. 

New Year health resolutions are top of mind at TRU47, which is why we keep visual reminders out in the places we frequent most to keep us on track. 

Swap those diet plans for go-to healthy food
For those of us who want to stick to a healthier diet, keeping a bowl of fruit out on the counter is a great way of giving us a good choice for that mid-morning snack. Stocking the refrigerator with water bottles instead of soda quenches our thirst for a healthy cold drink. Carrot and celery sticks are a great alternative to crackers and chips when we are craving something crunchy, and keeping nuts like almonds and cashews on hand provide that protein extra energy boost we need in the late afternoon. When we are hungry, what we eat sometimes boils down to what we can reach so keep good food choices close at hand to make eating healthier easier.

Keep self-care top of mind and on your schedule
Keeping our minds and bodies healthy is a no-brainer when it’s enjoyable. We are big proponents of mindfulness, believing in the power of breath to help calm our thoughts, soothe the soul and help us focus. In addition to simply taking deep breaths to slow down and stop our hearts and imaginations from racing, breathing exercises are five-minute miracle workers that can be done anywhere and anytime to work their magic. Aerobic exercises, like swimming, walking and cycling, are also great at keeping brains and bodies powered up for long haul and they are fun to do as well. Exercise doesn't just make us stronger physically, but mentally as well. If you add grounding into the mix – the simple act of connecting directly to the earth’s surface - skin to soil – you’ll be reducing stress and fighting inflammation - as well as keeping your blood flowing freely like it should. Keep your exercise clothes handy and ready to wear, and have your favorite grounding area in mind so you can take immediate, automatic steps to achieve better health. 

Staying protected in the face of COVID and other rogue viruses calls for a set of choices that have truly become habits for us, like washing our hands more frequently, sanitizing the surfaces we touch and wearing masks, scarves and gloves that shield us from contagious bacteria and diseases. The common denominator in all our efforts is Silver, 99% effective in destroying germs and viruses on contact. All of our products at TRU 47 are infused with the pure antimicrobial power of silver, giving you a priceless resource of wellness tools that really do work in your best interests.

Bottom line, when you keep your goal-setting actionable in smaller, bite-sized quantities and increments, you’ll actually be more poised to achieve what you set out to accomplish.

TRU47 is cheering you on to meet all of your goals and aspirations in 2022.  You’ve got this!