Man Wearing Single-Ply Surgical Mask


Even though COVID is still making its rounds, the unmasking of our cities and many countries around the world has begun in earnest. Critics on both sides of the table are weighing in on the wisdom of this move, but as far as we are concerned, to mask or not is a matter of personal choice.

Wearing a Mask Offers More Protection than Wearing No Mask

This brings up the question of efficacy if you choose to be the lone masked man – or woman – in the crowd. Most health experts agree that universal masking has been a critical public health tool for preventing spread of COVID-19, and it is important to remember that any mask is better than no mask. They also agree that people can still benefit from wearing a mask even if no one else around them is.

"You're certainly much better protected than you would be if you're not wearing a mask at all," said Lawrence Gostin, a professor of public health at Johns Hopkins University and director of the World Health Organization Collaborating Center on National and Global Health Law.”

But there are caveats.

To provide protection in an un-masked setting, your mask must be high-quality, well fitted and worn correctly. It should also be comfortable to wear with good breathability. Masks don’t work if they don’t cover your mouth and nose completely, if they have a gap on the side or if they have holes or fall off easily. Double or multi-ply masks are preferred over single ply. Wet and dirty masks are a no-go as are ones you may have found lying around in a public environment.

What is not obvious is the best mask to wear when you are the only one masking up.

Here’s our take on this conundrum, using the facts at hand with the studies behind them to give you a balanced perspective.

Our Silver masks are a superior choice whether or not others are masked too. Made from antimicrobial, pure silver materials to inhibit the spread of germs, they are uniquely suited for reusable, long lasting wear. Silver is scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungus and viruses on contact, so whenever and wherever you wear our masks, you can be confident that you are protected from viral airborne attacks, while you are keeping your own sneezes, sniffling and suspect germs from harming someone else.

What’s more, silver, by its very nature, is self-sanitizing so our masks are ready to wear whether or not they’re washed.

As for fit and style, we offer multi-layered compositions of silver, jersey modal and antiviral copper with adjustable nose guards and elastic loops to stay on snugly for kids to adults. Soft, lightweight and collapsible for easy carry-with-you convenience, they are also eco-friendly and skin friendly – no bacterial-induced maskne for our faces! They are more breathable than many other masks. They are so comfortable and stylish to wear, you might forget to take them off once you’re safely inside your home.

While you may hear that the surgical, recommended masks are the safest choice, they are also one-use, disposable products that contribute to polluting our landfills and city streets!

So, our solution to the one-way masking world is simple, with only one way to go! Choose to mask up with silver and make it fashionable to make your own statement on this issue!