Seasonal Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze About

Seasonal Allergies: Nothing to Sneeze About

Spring is here for people in some states, and just around the corner for people who live in colder climates. With this welcomed time, also comes the arrival of seasonal allergies. As the environment changes and mutations persist, allergy related conditions are now gaining recognition for being among the highest health concerns, and more than just bothersome irritations.

We often hear of the growing allergy days in specific terms… pollen bouts, hay fever and other inflamed sinus conditions. In addition, complaints about runny noses, itchy eyes and scratchy throats are often accompanying. Whereas some conditions call for remedial solutions and prescribed rinses, even some medications, there are ways to naturally mitigate many of these irritating and compromising side effects.

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Some of our supported ways to battle seasonal allergies include:

1. An easy one to start with -- get adequate sleep. Naps can help as well. All those wonderful ZZZs we keep hearing about do make a difference in our health. Good sleep assists with adrenal recovery when days have also been particularly stressful. Turning off all Wi-Fi devices, having totally dark sleeping spaces, and not engaging in work related affairs at bedtime are recommended. Diffusing supportive essential oils such as Sleep Tight can also assist. In addition, you can use our compact nasal inhaler Sleep Tight, made with pure, organic essential oils and all natural ingredients.

2. Eliminate alcohol in any and all products you put on your skin, or inhale – and reduce intake of alcoholic beverages if you can manage. Many of us will not be interested in skipping that glass of wine – or a martini these days, however, limiting the consumption of alcohol can also support overall wellness.

3. Diffuse custom formulated pure essential oils infused with colloidal silver – ones which are created to support specific bothersome conditions and mitigate others that are irritating. Waft into your living spaces by using a Diffuser or Nebulizer which do not require water. We also offer a Handheld Mister where you can add diluted essential oils and our colloidal silver sprays and toners to breathe the mist directly and receive the benefits.

4. Spray living and working spaces with diluted silver-infused pure essential oils. TRU47 features an Allergy Relief formula, and other single note essential oils called Pure Notes, which feature Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Tea Tree and many others. All are carefully infused with 400PPM therapeutic grade colloidal silver for additional protection against germs and bacteria. TRU47’s undiluted Organic Essential oils with silver are found in all Spritzes, Sprays, Toners and Mists.

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5. Change your wardrobe often if you are out and about in polluted environments, especially in urban areas where there is a lot of traffic on the roads and gas emissions. After being outside on windy days or in nature where there are a lot of wonderful plant pollens blowing around - many of which are allergy inducing. Or before retiring after a long day, take a relaxing bath or shower to rinse off pesky pollens. It might be an extreme measure, however, sometimes even changing out of clothes right after high pollen and pollutant days before coming inside might be warranted. Adding some essential oils to you bath water is another way to soothe the senses.

6. Be mindful of your diet and your eating habits. Yes, these can be allergy related. Reducing caffeine is recommended for many reasons and by many experts as well. Limiting sugars and processed carbs while indulging in proteins during the day is reported to support your health – and yes, also help stave off looming allergies.

7. Consider easy lifestyle changes. Many ailments, conditions and even infections, including respiratory ones, can put a debilitating load on your adrenals according to many nutritional experts. Taking pauses during workdays to meditate, keep a gratitude journal (or at least a pad handy for some passing, calming thoughts) to help you relax and de-stress. We have heard it many times and from numerous professionals how stress is a big can play a role in how we feel, and how our bodies react.

We agree – take frequent moments to breathe, and by following some of these measures, we hope your spring and summer seasons are more comfortable and allergy free.