At TRU47 we are dedicated to looking at the natural world for ways to fortify our amazing bodies and bolster our immune systems. We care about creating scientifically supported original and innovative products having the means to also prevent the challenging impact of contemporary life and technological advances which are harmful. We care about preventative measures upfront, rather than prescriptive products and services after the fact, to support healthy bodies, longevity and over-all well being.

The proliferation of pollution and negative impact from the electromagnetic field (EMF) is being compared by many to the compromising affects of smoking and the trials and tribulations that have ensued. There are no regulatory bodies universally in place at this time to monitor, manage and prevent the polluting residue that results from their pervasive growth.

We believe in many ways, what is old is new – and now go further and add, what is ancient - is now being newly discovered and also highly valued. Pure silver, considered a noble element, is one of our core means to bring products into our daily lives. Textiles, only when pure silver threads are woven in a very specific pattern with a minimum of 17% silver is scientifically proven to shield bodies from the impact of lower frequency radiation waves from many high tech so called “smart” appliances.  

New to the scene is another age-old remedy – an ancient mineral called Shungite. It is now being heralded with having protective attributes. Some wear it as jewelry, others have Shungite stones placed throughout their homes; many even drink water, shower and shampoo their scalps with Shungite formulated liquids. The purported healing power of Shungite lies in its high concentration of what is called “fullerenes”.

The name "fullerenes" comes from the famous architect Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic dome structures inspired the shape of these molecules. The term refers to a class of carbon-based molecules that are composed entirely of carbon atoms arranged in a spherical or ellipsoidal shape. Fullerenes are defined as a type of allotrope of carbon, similar to graphite and diamond, however, with a unique molecular structure. A bit of trivia - the most well-known fullerene is the buckminsterfullerene (C60); it has a soccer ball-like structure made up of 60 carbon atoms. Some other key features of fullerenes include closed, hollow structures made up of 60 or more carbon atoms arranged in pentagonal and hexagonal rings; along with variously sized and shaped forms, including spheres, ellipsoids, and tubes. They all exhibit unique electronic, chemical, and physical properties due to their distinctive molecular geometry. The word simply put describes spherical carbon molecules.

Shungite is now being promoted as having powerful antioxidant characteristics and benefits which are also advertised to combat free radicals. However, much is true and as with many a fresh and current new trends, some stories ring hollow and are not fully vetted.  

In some animal studies, Shungite has been reported to stave off high-frequency electromagnetic radiation – a world we are devoted  to helping mitigate with high integrity products. We repeatedly have heard about the negative impact of inflammation and it being the culprit behind many conditions and even chronic diseases. We, therefore, want to note the reported benefits of this amazing remarkable mineral in that arena. Shungite has been credited with being a strong anti-inflammatory with others saying it also has anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits – like silver.  Still to be more thoroughly researched, findings suggests this ancient mineral could be a natural defense mitigator against environmental toxins and EMFs.