Silver Baby Spoon: Given As Gift For Protection

Silver Linings on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day, a special time to honor all those who have given their hearts and souls to their families so that they will thrive throughout their lives. Although in our book, every day can be considered Mother’s Day. Granted, motherhood comes with a lot of work, worry, and sleepless nights, however, also love, joy and silver linings that are ultimately outrank even the toughest days. 

I remember being awed and overwhelmed when my two daughters graced the world decades ago and vowing to give them the world. In addition, to protecting them in every way I could. Hardly a unique feeling, I know; for certain there have been no others like that since. Little did I know then that the first gifts they received -- a silver rattle, a silver cup, and the iconic silver spoon, were originally created to give them just that. 

Are you familiar with the phrase “born with a silver spoon?” I hadn’t, however, it I a bit of fun, relevant folklore. 

Turns out that doesn’t just mean the person they are referring to was born in a well to do family. It also means that the person’s family was safeguarding their health as a baby because silver lays claim to being among the first natural antibiotics. 

Ever since silver was first mined from the earth millennia ago it has been hailed for its inherent antimicrobial properties. Early stories about its healing powers proliferate in mythology and biblical references, in ancient medical observations by the Chinese, Greeks and Romans, and in testaments served up by royalty, Chinese emperors and wealthy families of old who drank to their health from goblets made of silver. 

The Greeks and Romans were the first to recognize that silver vessels kept stored liquids fresh. According to knowledgeable historians, the silver vessels unearthed from ancient civilizations were treasured for their sanitizing powers back in the day. During the medieval plagues in Europe, wealthier families ate from silver plates and used silver utensils, hoping that silver would shield them from the deadly disease that was claiming their neighbors’ lives in spades. 

Centuries later, wagon wheel pioneers traveling West put silver coins in their wooden water casks and milk jugs to slow the growth of bacteria and algae during their long arduous journeys. Even settlers a continent away in the Australian outback would place a silver spoon or fork in their water tanks in the belief that it would sanitize the water. 

For half a century from the late 1800s through the early 1900s, silver appeared in hundreds of medical products. Bandages and wound dressings were threaded with silver to keep infections away. Medical instruments were crafted from silver. Silver eye drops were routinely placed in newborn babies’ eyes to prevent blindness when the mother suffered from venereal disease. Silver salts were commonly used in nose drops, and silver was a special ingredient in popular “health tonics” and even reported in oral smoking remedies. 

With the discovery of antibiotics in the mid-1900s, interest in silver as an anti-microbial medicine declined. Since patents could not be taken out on silver, pharmaceutical companies purportedly could make more money from developing and patenting antibiotic drugs. 

What’s old is fast becoming new, however, and silver is staging a comeback much to the delight of mothers everywhere.

Silver, by its very nature, is a formidable germ fighter, fending off bacterial foes with unmatched impunity. Studies show that viral invaders don’t have a chance when they come head to head with this mystical metal, dying off as soon as they come into contact with it.

Hence those germ-safe silver rattles that babies teethe on, and those silver cups and silver spoons that offer babies their first taste of the good life. Which, when you think about it, is the perfect way to welcome a new life into the world, putting a wealth of health right into their hands! 

And thanks to our team of designers and manufacturers here at TRU47, many of them parents, too, we’ve put the power of silver to work in items moms use every day -- our way of making their lives a little easier and hopefully more carefree. 

Our Stellarcleenz cloths are specially designed to wipe away a world of worries with every swipe. Like those silver baby gifts, these priceless silver squares are made of 99.9% pure silver, ionically plated. They are 100% natural and chemical- and alcohol-free. What’s more, they have been laboratory tested and scientifically proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses that cling to things we commonly touch, or in the case of babies, the things they try to put in their mouths! Speaking of which, these cloths are perfectly safe and toxic free, and even after wiping down a suspect surface, they send germs packing so they won’t stick around on the cloth itself. 

We’ve made grocery shopping with the little ones safer too with our Silver Handle Cover Wraps. Sized to fit those publicly handled grocery cart handles, our cover wraps effectively provide a barrier between your hands and harmful bacteria others may have left behind. They are especially helpful if your baby is sitting in the cart and holding on – or tasting – those handles. 

We stand by our silver spritzes, sanitizing sprays proven to zap germs, bacteria, and fungi wherever they present themselves, and silver masks, scarves, and face shields as well. All are meticulously made to help shield us from airborne particles that could make us sick. And we didn’t forget about the kids either. We’ve got child sized masks and face coverings, too.  They are especially liked by children – of all ages. A major benefit of the pure silver fabrics is what we have come to call “easy breathing”. And when we can breathe, we keep them more securely than a lot of on and off action. 

When it comes to helping Moms keep their family’s world as clean and safe as can be, we are here TRU47 to help you tackle those tough jobs, too! 

Here’s to a Very Happy Mother’s Day!