Silver, A Natural Antimicrobial to Inhibit Growth and Spread of Germs

Silver, Nature's Own Antimicrobial Gem. Inhibit the Growth & Spread of Germs Naturally

We live in a world where bacteria, germs and viruses – thrive. They live on surfaces of their choosing, skin included, and soar through the air virtually undetected – and uncontrolled. They occupy what we may think are clean places carrying on to infect the next unsuspecting host. Sounds like a scary movie trailer, and until two and a half years ago, we weren’t as alert about the dangers of pathogens. Since 2020, we are more aware and have learned new ways to protect our health and well-being.

Germs are Everywhere: How to Stay Protected

Now, we are more preemptive before we touch a suspect surface, open a door, pull out a chair, sit at a table, punch in a pin code at a terminal, grab a supermarket cart… because we know we can pick up and spread bacteria from place to place. We also are more prone to wash our hands before touching our mouths or noses or rub our eyes after being in contact with a potentially contaminated area.

Shopping Cart: Germs are Everywhere

It’s surprising how many surfaces matter when it comes to the longevity of these unseen organisms. Cardboard contaminants – think pizza boxes and those take out containers we save for seconds – stay strong for up to 24 hours. Disease carrying pathogens can live on steel, plastic, and touchscreens – and they love cell phones – for up to three days. Surfaces in medical settings, walk in clinics, doctors’ offices, hospitals, labs, and the like, increase our chances of getting sick from something we can’t see or feel because these are places where visiting people who may be bearing germs gather. Each time a person sneezes or coughs, hordes of invisible invaders and respiratory droplets are set free to seek us out, invading our immune systems and multiplying without abandon once they are inside.

We have all become accustomed to using and over-using hand-sanitizers, most of which have alcohol and ingredients that are harsh on the skin, but there is a healthier “hero” out there to help us stay protected, naturally.

Silver is nature’s gift for our well-being, and is all about making health safety simple. As reported in a great deal of literature, silver is world’s first all-natural anti-microbial, disarming bacteria, germs, and viruses when in direct contact. It is being used in health smart fabrics and protective gear, taking care to ionically plate individual fibers and threads so the silver won’t flake off as often happens in coating processes. You can also shield surfaces of any kind, everywhere you go, from all kinds of opportunistic germs with silver sprays and sanitized silver wipes that work whether you wash them or not (silver is reported to be self-sanitizing). Threading silver into socks and gloves also destroys odor causing bacteria and deters unwanted suitors no matter what you touch or where you walk (hotel floors can be extremely unfriendly to bare feet). 

Colloidal silver can also be blended into soaps, nasal inhalers, essential oils, and sanitizing sprays to naturally disinfect home and office spaces to mitigate micro-organisms that can be compromising. 

Throughout history, it is documented that silver has been used as a precautionary material and medical agent to help prevent infections of many sorts. From keeping water pure and safe to drink to operating on the injured to improving wound healing, treating infectious and noninfectious conditions, and to protecting skin and sanitizing surfaces, silver is reemerging as a powerful wellness enhancer in the modern-day world.

Silver Infused Remedies for the Home 

Count on a cleaner kitchen counter when preparing your meals. A University of Arizona at Tucson study identified the kitchen as the most germ-contaminated area in the home, with dangerous bacteria living in the small cracks and crevices of countertops and on wooden and porous cutting boards. Don’t overlook your refrigerator door handles, microwave buttons and coffee makers either; they can invisibly be sheltering germs that escape your attention. On dry surfaces, bacteria can survive no more than a few hours, but it is reported this is long enough to infect another food source or a person's hand during meal preparations. Spritz surfaces with silver-infused sprays and wipe then down with silver sanitized fabrics to assure clean counters; these can deflect disease causing pathogens from hitchhiking on your food.

Banish bacterial bad guys from your dining tables. Every day is a great occasion to take care of your health and the friends and family who dine with you. You can set your table with sterling silver dishes and flatware like the royals of old to keep your food free of harmful germs (hardly a common practice today). Or you can use wipe down surfaces with reusable, ionically plated silver cloths to wipe to whisk away airborne bacteria that may have arrived without an invitation.

Indoor air care is also an area of which we have become more aware. Research indicates that we spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors. And recent studies have found that the air inside our homes is often and invisibly polluted by mold, fungus and common household chemicals used in cleaning. For many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors. And, while moisture is the least recognized indoor pollutant, it’s among the most harmful. Moisture can affect your health and your building’s health. When it settles on a surface, mildew and dust mites can thrive and trigger asthma and other allergic reactions. Diffusing pure, organic essential oils blended with the germ-busting attributes of silver is reported to offer healthful medicinal remedies that can change this inside story. Scenting the air with pleasing and subtle mood-boosting aromas can additionally make everyone feel even better.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wipe Away Germs While on the Go

Rather than going for an alcohol-based sanitizing disposable wipe to push germs out of those grocery carts, why not consider reusable silver sanitized cloth that wipes away germs, and has been tested for more than 10,000 wipes. A new study has found that grocery store shopping carts have 270 times more bacteria than your toilet handle. Another revealed that 75% of germs identified in grocery shopping carts were in fact harmful. Wiping down supermarket or department store carts and covering the handles with sanitized silver coverings or cloths before you peel through the aisles is a great way to keep unwanted items at bay.

Traveling? Sanitize those airline trays and communal counters with pure silver-infused wipes and sprays that are specially formulated with 99% pure silver to eradicate communicable pathogens. And don’t forget the pulleys on the window shades, the buckles on the seat belts, magazine holders – or that arm rest you often have to wrestle to get your share of.

Be mindful of bacteria when you are just out and about, especially now that we are in holiday season. Germs are everywhere and you won't believe where they reside. While alcohol-based skin sanitizers, wipes, sprays, and gels work to keep them at bay, alternative products made with silver are a safe and non-toxic alternative, and backed by science. Environmentally friendly, silver sanitizers will not dry out your skin like many chemically and synthetically based products, and they will not build up resistance.