TRU47 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

TRU47 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the Season for Giving Gifts of Wellness 

Thanksgiving officially kicks off the season of giving and celebrating the holidays with loved ones. From the first of day of Hanukkah on Sunday, November 28, to Giving Tuesday, celebrated this year on November 30, to the 12 days leading up to Christmas, the holiday spirit is pervasive. Traditions take center stage in festive celebrations around the world as families, friends and colleagues give gifts of thanks and gratitude to the ones they care about. 

At the top of our list this year are gifts of wellness, TRU care packages wrapped in silver and designed with good tidings in mind. While the pandemic lingers on in various incarnations, and colds and flus add to the chills of winter, protecting your health is not only important, it’s imperative. Silver has long been recognized as the most noble element in fighting infections and lays claim to being the world’s first true antibiotic. That’s why we have infused it in each of products, putting the power of a proven protector to work for your good health. What’s more, silver is self-sanitizing and sustainable, a timeless way to show how much you care about your world and the people in it. 

So, get out your list and check it twice, then pick out a gift of health for everyone you care about, including you!

Self Care is the best gift you can give this year. Life can get hectic, especially during the holidays. That’s why it is so important to think of yourself too as you are picking out gifts for everyone on your list. Fill their stockings with Stellarcleenz Silver Cloths, Mitts & Handle Wraps or Silver Skincare Products , specially formulated to hydrate your skin, give it that healthy glow, calm agitated skin or simply refresh and tone your face to look and feel your best. Our Silver Toners are custom formulated to pamper and protect your skin with oh so pure essential oils and colloidal silver, putting the power of potent antioxidants to work for you, spray after spray!

Masks for every lifestyle. Masks may not be on everyone’s wish list, but our collection of  Silver Masks are TRUly a breath of fresh air. Our pure silver and copper to offer the utmost protection for infectious airborne droplets while being stylish. Highly breathable and comfortable to wear, our Black Jersey Cup Mask is made of a single layer of 99.99% silver thread woven into a comfortable and incredibly soft jersey modal that will be a favorite go-to mask in no time! If one needs extra layers of protection, gift a Heavyweight Mesh Cup. Made of two outer layers of 99.99% pure ionically-plated silver mesh and an inner layer jersey modal woven with 99.99% pure silver thread, it offers full-coverage style that is ultra-protective, yet incredibly comfortable. Optimum health is in fashion, so his mask matters.

Check out our Black Jersey Modal Bandanas for wear and go ease. Each is woven with 99.99% ionically plated silver thread into an incredibly soft and breathable jersey fabric that is so comfortable.  Best of all, our masks and bandanas are so good at killing germs and bacteria, that washing them is optional!

Give him projective silver gloves

For a nice extra touch, add a pair of Silver Gloves to his stocking - a gift that is hands-down the best way to protect him from picking up any germs that maybe lingering on the surfaces.  Available in small, medium, large and X-large sizes, they are light, comfortable, and moisture-wicking, incorporating antimicrobial technology in a pure silver layer to help resist microorganisms. Practical and functional, they look and work great wherever he goes as extra protection.

For Women who want to look and feel good. Fashion never takes a back seat at TRU47. Our Silver Masks sparkle as they protect her health and our Pure Silver Scarves, luxuriously made and elegantly styled, are the best way to hug her with well wishes whenever she puts it on. Choose from our Silver Mesh Scarf, available in two lengths, lightweight and made with 99% pure silver threads to protect her wherever she goes; our Silver Mesh Infinity Scarf, a unique dual-purpose design that she can wear as a fashion accessory and pull up over her face as a chic layer of protection; or our 99.99% Pure Silver Scarf, as smooth as silk but made more precious by its silver-plated fibers.

Keep the kids happy and healthy. Check out our Kids Care section to find the perfect stocking stuffers, our antiviral Silver Masks are designed to keep the kids safe too. Our Toddler and Kids Silver Mesh Masks are made with two layers of 99.99% pure ionically plated silver mesh and specially sized to fit smaller faces. With sports, schools and daycare centers continuing to require masks to limit general exposure to viruses, bacteria and infectious sneezes, we want our children to be protected from contagious germs and able to breathe while wearing them. Because of the breathability of our silver mesh fabric, kids are wearing them all day long, preventing those pesky pathogens from getting them – and you – sick.

While silver by its very nature is self-sanitizing, washing your child’s Silver Mask is optional. You can keep them smelling fresh and fun with our Silver Mask Mists, available in Hot Cocoa and Apple Cider Scents. They are made with colloidal silver and pure essential oils to enhance the bacteria-fighting power of our masks while making them even sweeter to wear.  Another reason why kids wear our masks longer than others.

Designed to snuff out germs wherever they lurk, our original Silver Spritz for Kids is made with colloidal silver and sea salts to kill bacteria bullies on contact. We had it specially made to sanitize toys, desks, games and even skin, just about anything kids share – and spread – at school, home or out and about.  Plus, it fits easily into their backpacks so they can use it wherever they play and stay.

Don’t forget your postal carrier, favorite hairdresser, delivery man, teachers and more. The people who take care of you during the year deserve some TLC too and our Inhalers are just the thing to help support and enhance their overall well-being as they are doing their jobs.  Made in the USA, our feel-good, protective Nasal Inhalers are custom formulated and crafted with 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils, Trace Minerals, Himalayan Sea Salts and high-quality Colloidal Silver, all-natural ingredients that are chemical free. They include:  Immune Boost, Allergy Relief, Stress Less, Just Breathe, Sleep Tight, Wake Up, Focus In, Think Thin, Fortify + and Java Jolt. Simple to carry and use wherever they go, our little Inhalers offer big protection against many bacteria, viruses and germs that may try to stop them in their tracks. 

Giving a gift of wellness from TRU47 not only makes others feel good, you’ll feel good too knowing you are helping to protect their health with the antimicrobial power of silver. 

Happy, healthy holidays to you and yours.