Unlock the Power of Sleep: Discover the Benefits

Unlock the Power of Sleep: Discover the Benefits

Sleep masks have come a long way, starting out with simple cloth designs. Now, they incorporate technology and innovations to improve sleep.  

Early on masks only blocked light, however, today there are designs and versions that do much more. Some can track sleep patterns and others include special added features like soundscapes and light therapy. People from all around the world have always sought better sleep and here in the USA particularly. Smart masks are fast proliferating on the scene yet the old tried and true still deliver the highest benefits. They blend comfort with innovation for rest.

 Now masks made with pure silver have arrived on the scene. These are "smart" in a meaningful way - they combat bacteria that can keep seep into your eyes and irritate your skin.


For starters, they help you fall asleep faster. Achieving fast sleep is reported to be more science than luck. Blackout sleep masks can aid in this process very effectively - ones especially designed to block out all light. They help create a pitch-black environment for your eyes. It is known that in darkness, your brain releases melatonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone. It helps assist you and you are likely to fall asleep quicker. In addition, black-out styles and designs prevent visual stimuli that can often delay sleep. They can be a simple tool to hasten your way to dreams and a more restful sleep.

LIGHT BLOCKING IN SLEEP is valuable to sleep quality

Light plays a critical role in our sleep cycle. Our brains use light to set our internal clocks. When it’s dark, the brain signals it's time to rest and get some sleep. Blackout sleep masks provide a pitch-dark environment that supports this occurrence. This assists the brain into thinking it’s night, whether it is or not. With no light cues, melatonin production ramps up faster and melatonin is the hormone that helps us sleep. Light blocking also aids in deeper sleep and can often lengthen sleep duration. This is valuable for those living in cities, where it's hardly ever real dark. Blackout masks can also benefit late night and shift workers. They can create night-like conditions during the day improving sleep quality.