Image of Gold Coins

When Silver Turns to Gold

 We all know the phrase, good health is priceless.  What I didn't know until I got sick from a great night eating out with friends was just how a natural precious metal -- silver -- could safely and effectively contribute to one’s health and wellbeing and truly be “priceless”.  The learnings that followed were, to me, worth their weight in gold.

It all started two years ago when I got a bacterial infection after eating at a busy, popular restaurant. It wasn’t a fast food joint either, rather, one with well attired and seemingly hygienically attired wait service.

I got very sick the days following and couldn't stand without a lot of pain. I knew in my gut, literally and figuratively, it wasn’t burst appendicitis which the emergency room initially thought and which caring attendants were quietly making bets on as they huddled outside my gurney.

The antibiotics I was put on while exploration continued made me feel even sicker. With no other culprit to pin things on, I started a deep dive back into the restaurant. It wasn’t food poisoning; that was ruled out right away.

Findings, although never totally conclusive without robust lab work and rigorous analysis, seemed to point to germs that thrived in the restaurant's seemingly innocuous places - the tabletop, the menu or the condiment bottles.

This is when the aha moment about silver came to me. I knew to some extent that silver was a documented and age old natural element used to fend off bacteria going way back to ancient cultures and in fact, still used in wound care today. What I didn't know and since learned was the science behind silver as a proven anti-microbial agent. Simply put, germs, viruses and fungi cannot grow on silver. 

This led to a full year of study by an independent researcher under scientific protocols and the creation of our sanitizing silver cloths called Stellarcleenz. I'm not what some call themselves, a germaphobe. That said I don't go anywhere without my precious metal on me. I'll take it over a Krugerrand in my pocket any day.