Pure Notes Collection


      New! An outstanding lineup of the most popular, and widely used pure, organically sourced single note essential oils, TRU47 has created and exclusive collection of Silver Infused Essential Oils to subtly engage your olfactory and limbic systems and provide aromatic health benefits with every air-deodorizing mist when diffused.

      These Pure Note Essential Oils have been used world-wide and in Ayurvedic medicine by many cultures for their therapeutic benefits.

      All Pure Notes Essential Oils are undiluted and extracted by pressing the pure life essence from organically sourced plants and botanicals. Each essential oil (15mL/300 drops) is sold separately. 

      Like no other essential oils, ours are made with Silver to help protect against germs and purify your environment. Silver is a known antimicrobial and can help purify the air when diffused.  

      100% Naturally Sourced Ingredients. Pure, Organic Essential Oils. Cruelty Free. No Animal Testing. Made in the USA. 

      Our TRU47 Pure Notes Collection Includes:

      Silver Infused Pure Eucalyptus Oil:  Immunity and Sinus Support & Headaches
      Silver Infused Pure Lavender Oil: Calming, Promotes Relaxation & Sleep
      Silver Infused Pure Lemongrass Oil: Uplifting, Refreshing, Cleansing & Deodorizing
      Silver Infused Pure Peppermint Oil: Soothing, Invigorating, Boost Energy & Focus
      Silver Infused Pure Rosemary Oil: Healing, Relieving, Boosts Cognitive Focus
      Silver Infused Pure Sweet Orange Oil: Fresh, Energizing, Cleansing & Sanitizing
      Silver Infused Pure Tea Tree Oil: Purifying, Immunity Boosting, Calming & Soothing
      Silver Infused Pure Ylang Ylang Oil: Alleviating, Mood Enhancing, Balancing