Restorative Collection

Our New TRU47 Silver Infused Restorative Essential Oil collection was inspired by our Nasal Inhaler collection. Each is crafted with 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils to subtly engage your olfactory and limbic systems and provide the aromatic health benefits with every air-deodorizing mist when diffused.

All are undiluted and custom formulated with silver and pure, cold pressed organic plant and botanical essences. Like no other essential oil blend, ours are made with Silver to help protect against germs and purify your environment. Silver is a known antimicrobial and can help purify the air when diffused.  

Each essential oil (15mL/300 drops) is sold separately. 

Boost immunity, energy, mood, focus, concentration, to relieve stress, and improve sleep with our one-of-a-kind aroma therapeutic blends.

Our TRU47 Restorative Collection Includes:

Allergy Relief Organic Essential Oil Blend: Alleviating, Comforting Support
Immune Boost Organic Essential Oil Blend: Boost Immunity, Revitalizing & Purifying
Just Breathe Organic Essential Oil Blend: Relaxing, Soothing, Comforting Support
Restore Organic Essential Oil Blend: Uplifting, Restorative, Rejuvenating & Balancing
Sleep Tight Organic Essential Oil Blend: Calming, Relaxing, Soothing Sleep Aid
Stress Less Organic Essential Oil Blend: Relieving, Soothing, Relaxing, Mood Support