Silver Accessories


      Silver Scrunchie Collection

      Introducing TRU47 Scrunchies made from 99% Pure Silver fabric and woven with 99% Pure Silver thread. Silver helps promote healthier scalp and hair. Keep your tresses frizz-free and locks in place with our TRU47 silky smooth silver scrunchie collection.  

      Available in Single and Sets of 2, 4 & 13 Assorted Bundles
      Black Jersey Silver Scrunchie: Your daily go-to
      Natural Jersey Silver Scrunchie: Soft and versatile
      Pure Silver Woven Scrunchie: Glam up your up-do
      Pure Silver Mesh Scrunchie: Add shimmer to your hair accessory game 

      Silver & Silk Sleep Mask Collection

      Made with 99% pure silver thread, TRU47 Sleep Masks are one-of-a-kind! Created to be extra gentle and easy on the eyes, the most delicate areas of our faces, and also susceptible gateways, our masks are meant to calm, soothe and protect, any time. Help decrease tension, headaches, reduce eye strain and block out EMF and RF radiation. Silver is famed for its healing and antimicrobial properties, and is widely utilized as a protective skincare aid, especially good for our delicate eye areas.

      Choose from our Black Silver Jersey woven with 99% pure silver thread or our lightweight 99% Pure Silver Nylon. Made with layers of Mulberry and Tuscany silk batting inside, creating a wonderful pillowy softness your eyes will crave every night! Closing your eyes never felt this good.