Stellarcleenz FAQ

How do I know Stellarcleenz are effective?

Silver has been scientifically reported to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Stellarcleenz Silver Products are made of 99% pure silver and have been laboratory tested on human skin, as well as on surfaces (kitchen counters/restaurant tables...) and on devices (cell phones/computers…) in scientifically protocoled studies conducted in Tucson, Arizona in 2015.

Are Stellarcleenz safe?

Yes. Stellarcleenz are made from 99% ionically plated silver, a precious metal with a long and well-documented history (over 6 millennia) of safe use as an antimicrobial element.

Do Stellarcleenz contain any chemicals?

No. The silver is 100% natural, chemical-free, and does not cause toxic side effects.

Is there any alcohol in Stellarcleenz?

None whatsoever. Most anti-microbial products on the market contain 62% (or more) alcohol or ethanol which is a man-made chemical and can be harmful if ingested, gets into eyes and can dry out skin, often leaving it susceptible to cracks in the flesh. Frequent use of alcohol-based products has also been reported to build up resistance to anti-microbial combat.

How are Stellarcleenz made?

Silver is a naturally occurring element and there are no added artificial chemicals. Stellarcleenz are made using an ionic technology (not nanotechnology/nano particles) in an ionic bathing process where 99.9% pure silver is plated to all fibers. It will not wash out. StellarcleenzTM have been lab tested for thousands of swipes and many washes without reduction in the silver’s anti-microbial effects.

How long will my Stellarcleenz last?

Stellarcleenz have been laboratory tested for over 10,000 wipes without washing and its efficacy remains at 100%.

Do I need to wash my Stellarcleenz?

No, not to be effective as an anti-microbial cloth; silver’s germ-busting potency works even when soiled. If your cloth gets visibly soiled or if you desire to wash it for personal reasons, just use mild detergent - no bleach or water softeners; and air dry (it dries very quickly). Stellarcleenz have been laboratory tested for over 500+ washes with efficacy remaining at 100%.

Can I put them in the washing machine and dryer?

Yes, just wash with mild/gentle soap with no bleach or softening agents. It’s also very easy to apply a dab of gentle soap in the cloth, rub it a few times under a faucet and rinse. Stellarcleenz can be put in the dryer on a low heat. However, it air dries so quickly that this is unnecessary (but it will not get harmed if tossed in a load by mistake).

I use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Why should I use Stellarcleenz instead?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 62% alcohol, or ethanol which is a man-made chemical. These products must have this percentage of alcohol or they are not effective. Most have moisturizing filler, but are still drying to the skin and can result in cracked skin. Documented reports have also shown this alcohol can be harmful if ingested and/or gets in eyes. Alcohol-based products destroy germs, however, they also harm the beneficial “good” bacteria that lie underneath the oily layer of the skin.

Stellarcleenz are topical and do not disrupt the “good bacteria” populations that work in harmony with our bodies. Additionally, alcohol-based hand sanitizers often contain ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, propylene glycol, and some, triclosan – a carcinogen (now being banned in many states). Some of these additives are linked to hormonal disruption as well as other potential side effects and can have environmental impact.

Are products listing “organic” or “natural” alcohol safer?

No. The word organic (as well as natural) can often be misleading language used by marketers. Alcohol is alcohol, and 62% alcohol equals 120 proof drink. Many do not want to introduce alcohol into their bodies.

Does Stellarcleenz use nanotechnology?

No, Stellarcleenz do not use nanotechnology. Documented research on rodents has indicated that silver nanoparticles can be harmful to humans, in addition to polluting the environment.

How do Stellarcleenz compare to other products that state they are made of 99.99% pure silver?

Stellarcleenz are unique and 99.99% pure silver in their entirety, made with some of the finest silver in the world. Many products state they are made of 99.99% pure silver but this can be deceiving and they are not similar or efficacious in killing germs, fungi or viruses as are pure silver cloths. Labeling requirements merely call for nominal amounts of silver/silver fiber to be used to justify this statment.

Will Stellarcleenz clean dirt off my hands?

Stellarcleenz are neither soap nor detergent. They do not eliminate dirt the way soap will do. However, they will rid skin or surfaces of bacteria that may be sitting on soiled surfaces.

How do I know Stellarcleenz are working?

People often associate the scent of alcohol with cleanliness. This is not entirely untrue, however alcohol is not healthy to apply to the skin (as described above). Stellarcleenz leave no scent behind, yet silver is a known anti-microbial agent with properties extensively documented in scientific literature. Bacteria is infini- tesimal and not visible to the eye. It is a published fact that silver immediately disrupts bacteria, fungi and viruses on contact and causes it to disintegrate. (additional ref. sources on back)

Does clothing now on the market that contains silver and promotes inhibition of odor have the identical anti-microbial benefits of Stellarcleenz?

No. Many of the apparel products have been laboratory tested and although they inhibit bacteria causing odor, they do not have the same anti-microbial efficacy of Stellarcleenz.