Family Wearing TRU47 Silver Masks

Fun Family Summery Ideas
Features TRU47 Silver Products

The hundred-degree temps have arrived, and truth be told- many of us are sticking close to home all summer long. Here are 5 summery items you didn’t know you needed- all swoon worthy, savvy and so full of functionally.

Liquidseat Pool Stools

Want to create a sip-and-sit oasis in the middle of your pool? Liquidseat offers the most innovative pool find on the market: removable swim up bar stools. No assembly required, these stools arrive ready to sink… simply place inside the pool and they’ll gently rest on the bottom giving your behind a place to comfortably sit. Featuring a built-in weight system, Liquidseats are innovatively made in the USA and available in different colors and sizes. Plus, they easily stack-and-store when not in use. Save 15% with coupon code NADINE15 at checkout.

Acer Aspire Laptop 

How many times have your kids snagged your laptop for Zooms, computer games and virtual learning? Well, instead of computer sharing, get your kiddos a solid laptop- one that’s thin, light, and totally affordable. The Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop features a 15.6″ Full HD IPS Display, a backlit keyboard, Windows 10 and 9+ hours of battery life. Plus, this $399 computer has an Intel Core i3 processor allowing apps to load faster and multiple tasks to run simultaneously without lag.

Theragun Elite 

Craving a spa day but skipping out on the salon? Your massage awaits via the new Theragun Elite™. This powerful deep muscle treatment integrates with a personalized app to reduce your tension, whether it comes from everyday life, work, or workouts. The relaxing concoction offers customizable speeds, a force meter, personalized presets, and OLED screens for the most enjoyable recovery program. The devices also has an ergonomic grip to help maneuver.


Make a face shield fashion statement via TRU47’s masks and scarves derived from silver (yes, you read that right). Silver is scientifically proven to be a powerful anti-microbial anti-viral deterrent. The custom collection of social distancing masks and face shields feature the highest quality 99.99% pure ionically bathed silver, plated on a superior rip stock nylon. Stunning in design, TRU47 offerings are re-useable making this mask wearing option cost effective and environmentally thoughtful.

Sweatshop On Demand 

Due to summer heat, we’ve gotta get creative when it comes to exercising indoors, and Sweatshop On Demand has an impressive solution for families to workout anytime, anywhere. This free digital platform provides a crazy, fun, and effective fitness experience for kids of all ages (adults included). Entertainingly themed (think “Tiger King” meets Olaf meets Motown), the free exercise videos make moving fun (and tires out the kiddos!). You can also subscribe to their entire library of long(er) videos.

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