Be a Silver Star for the Holidays

Be a Silver Star for the Holidays

Spreading holiday cheer, and dressing your best to attend gatherings is part of the seasonal traditions. However, with another COVID variant, wearing silver will help you look your best, and spread good tidings, rather than germs with our friends and loved ones. 

‘Tis the season for masks

Wearing a mask helps protect you and others from unwanted bacterial and viral gifts beyond the holiday season.

But there are a few other reasons that ‘tis the season for masks, especially when you wear a TRU47 Silver Mask.

One of the best parts of the holidays are the festive parties they herald. Getting together with friends, old and new – or gold and silver as the song goes – can make spirits bright, especially after the social separation we all endured last year. Not only will you want to look your best for auld lang syne’s sake, you will want to feel your best too in one of our stunning, highly fashionable silver masks.

Don silver when you’re getting dressed in your holiday best, and you’ll make a social statement that is sure to turn heads – and touch hearts – when you walk in the door. Silver is special no matter when you bring it out, but during the holidays, it’s a TRU47 star. Show your friends and family how much you care about their well-being by showing up in your best silver armor this year.

Our Silver Masks outshine any other masks in protection and appeal, thanks to their natural antimicrobial germ-inhibiting properties ionically plated on every shiny silver thread!  We make our masks with your health and comfort in mind, ensuring easy wearing and maximum breathability while putting a proven bacteria-busting barrier between you and your fellow partygoers. Inside, they keep germs at a social distance that keeps everyone safe. And outside, they keep you safe and warm from winter’s chills as silver is noted for having the highest thermal conductivity of any other element. Bottom line, your TRU47 Silver Mask protects you from partying pathogens, keeps you warm when walking outside and looks festive and elegant on your face, a TRU trifecta!

Our Silver Gloves sanitize every surface they touch, from the skin on your hands to the doorknobs, handles and handshakes you’ll be in contact with during your merrymaking activities. Light, comfortably cool, and moisture-wicking, TRU47 pure silver infused woven gloves incorporate antimicrobial technology to resist malicious microorganisms and minimizing your risk of gifting or receiving contagious contaminants. Not just another pair of gloves, they’re practical too. Whether you wear them to pump gas, pick up groceries, purchase presents for your holiday gift giving or wear them to a holiday affair, you’ll radiate confidence knowing that our Silver Gloves are self-sanitizing and sparkling no matter what comes your way. Hands down, they’re one of the best accessories of the season!

Wrap our Silver Scarves around yourself and the ones you love, and you’ll be sharing good tidings with everyone you care about with protective, ultimately elegant hugs that really do keep those grinch-like germs away. A stunning fashion accessory over your holiday attire, our Silver Scarves do double duty as a protective garment to cover your mouth, nose, hair and ears at parties, in public or wherever facial coverage is a good idea. Historically, silver has been used in hospital settings for wound coverings for centuries, highly regarded for its antiseptic, antibiotic nature. We’ve put that same medical know-how into our Silver Scarves to cover you in germ-fighting finery while helping you look like a million (silver) dollars!

Have a fun, festive and safe holiday season. And enjoy the compliments when you are dressed in silver!