Holiday Dinner Setting Featuring Silverware

Let Your Silver Shine This Holiday Season

Preparing for the holidays takes thoughtful planning and meticulous execution to ensure your traditional celebration is the best it can be. This year, as we learn to live with the ongoing threats of COVID in all of its incarnations, it is especially important to consider the health of everyone who joins your party too.

For starters, you’ll want to bring out the silver to show your family and friends how much you care about them. Silver, no matter what shape or size, is the best way to keep germs at bay. The history of silver dates back to 3,000 BC, long before we celebrated our holiday traditions. Traded as coins and made into silver goblets, vessels, silverware and more, silver was not only valued for its beauty, it was recognized for its strong antimicrobial properties as well.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote of silver’s healing properties thousands of years ago, unofficially dubbing it the “world’s first antibiotic”, and is a widely used homeopathic remedy.  Early records indicate that the Phoenicians and Romans used silver vessels and coins to keep water, wine, and vinegar pure during their long voyages at sea. European aristocrats ate from silver plates, drank from silver goblets and used silver forks and spoons believing that silver preserved their health and prevented illness. Over time, the medical community began to use silver for wound coverings to fight off and prevent infection on and off the battlefield, and for the manufacture of always-sterile surgical tools. They still do. Modern-day industry currently uses it for water purification and we use it in all our wellness products at TRU47 to protect our immune system and the health of our patrons.  

Silver… Always a Hit During the Holidays

Whether you are bringing out your best china and silver for the holiday festivities, or decorating your home and tree with silver bells, ornaments, decorations and tinsel – silver has long played a role in making the holidays shinier and brighter.

Making TRU47 a Part of Your Holidays

StellarCleenz cloths scientifically reported to sanitize and remove bacteria, are invaluable for making sure your plates, pots and place settings are germ-free and as clean as they can be for your guests. We literally bathe the silver threads we use in our fabrics with 99% pure ionically plated silver to ensure their efficiency in battling bacteria. Simply wipe away the invisible germs that land without invitation at your holiday party and serve your guests with confidence.

Whether or not masks are mandated, you may want to keep a few extras on hand for guests who may feel more comfortable wearing them. Self-sanitizing and fabricated with 99% pure silver to destroy bacteria on contact, our Silver Masks provide a protective antimicrobial barrier for anyone who wears them. They are also highly breathable and comfortable to wear, sparkling in the spirit of holiday health, while adding a festive glow to every mask wearer. Keep them in a basket by the front door and you’ll keep uninvited viruses and germs away from your celebration.

Washing your hands is also an effective way of stopping the spread of germs so may we suggest putting our Silver Soaps are excellent for washing away bacteria and germs on your skin. Silver is proven to disinfect and sanitize. Make sure to put out some of our Silver Creme too to help your guest moisturize and nourish their skin after washing. These products containing colloidal silver will help protect them against germs and bacteria.

Everyone can breathe easier during the holidays with our Nasal Inhalers. It may be a nice idea to bring them out as party favors. The perfect little gift of health, we make our inhalers with 100% pure organic essential oils, trace minerals, Himalayan Sea Salts and colloidal silver, formulating each to help support and enhance wellbeing in a big way. We offer a variety of aromatic Nasal Inhalers to meet a variety of germ-fighting needs.

Our IMMUNE BOOST Inhaler can help to clear sinuses, relieve seasonal discomfort and support well-being.

A high-octane version of our original Immune Boost Inhaler, our FORTIFY PLUS inhaler includes increased concentrations of beneficial oregano oil to help clear sinuses, relieve seasonal discomfort and support well-being.

Our JAVA JOLT Inhaler can help boost energy, enhance mood and spirit, often better than a cup of Joe and indispensable if you are to keep up with all the holiday happenings. 

Our FOCUS IN Inhaler can help to enhance mental clarity, alertness and sharpen focus, great for those times when you want to tune out, but shouldn’t! 

Our JUST BREATHE Inhaler helps to open nasal passages, reduces stress and can relieve anxiety. Made with Colloidal Silver, Himalayan Sea Salts and Trace Minerals it too helps protect against germs. 

Our ALLERGY RELIEF Inhaler can provide non-drowsy, natural relief from seasonal discomfort, runny and itchy noses, sneezing, scratchy throats and watery eyes, keeping airborne irritants from becoming at home in your body.

Our STRESS LESS Inhaler helps to reduce stress and has been reported to be calming and aid in relaxation – essential in keeping you calm and confident in the busy holiday season. 

WAKE UP supports alertness, aids focus and helps recover from jet lag – and holiday celebrations ­– naturally and safely. 

Our SLEEP TIGHT Inhaler is known to help aid in relaxation and keeping circadian rhythms in check, ensuring a good night to all! 

We even have a THINK THIN inhaler to suppress cravings, help curb the desire to snack and subdue the urge to overeat – after the holiday desserts have been served of course! 

All of these products also make great stocking stuffers for friends and family. 

We wish you Happy, Safe, Silver Holidaying from our homes to yours.